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Tears in a Bottle

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Tears.  A result of emotions.  Grief.  Pain.  Fear.  Sometimes joy.

The tear ducts in our eyes were designed by God Himself, so it is a given that God expects us to cry at times yet phrases such as “fight back the tears”  and “big boys don’t cry”  portray our uncomfortableness with tears.

When you think of someone crying, what is your gut level response?  Do you want to embrace them and take away the tears?  Or maybe you want to get away.  You are uncomfortable with tears. 

Crying comes from a strong response within us to the events and emotions of life. Responding to one another’s tears sometimes feels like playing Russian Roulette.  Do I hug you when you cry or should I ignore you if you’d rather be left alone?  Do I highlight your struggle or pretend it is better denied?

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