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Lawrence2015Holiday-84A quiet expectancy dances in my heart. The holiday season is on my doorstep.

I prepare to receive my family and guests. Meals are planned as my daughter and I make the menu and think of the favorite recipes each family member loves. There will be smoked turkey this year. A green bean casserole that is made from scratch – no canned mushroom soup in this one. Sweet potato casserole (recipe follows) and mashed potatoes, too. Macaroni and Cheese made with smoked Gouda and other delightful cheeses. Dressing and a special cranberry sauce. Purple hull peas and piping hot rolls with butter. Cheesecake and Maple Walnut Cream Pie and Apple Pie and Chocolate Chip Cookies and Pumpkin Snicker Doodles. Carbohydrates and sugars will be temporarily welcomed to the table in great numbers. Old and new recipes guide our work. (Ah, so many good recipes and so little time to both prepare them and eat them.)The cooking has already begun.  Last minute trips to the grocery have happened and will continue to happen. 

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