A Holy Invitation









How does a human frame with words
What the Divine framed with his literal body
The sacrifice so complete
So deep
So encompassing
That my human mind fails in its ability to grasp
His face set as a stone
To enter into the fullness
Of suffering
Over and over
He faced into the pain
With every step from
Gethsemane to Golgotha
He chose again and again and again and again
To embrace the pain
To feel the suffering
The loneliness
My darkness
Knowing that, if he but called, the angels would have rushed to his rescue
Faced with the choice of every excruciating moment
He chose me over relief from pain
Over escape from suffering
Over the horrors of death and separation
He chose to take my sin into his own body
So I could choose to take his holiness into mine
I cannot understand the depths of his suffering
But I can respond
With my limitedness
To the holy invitation
To accept what is beyond words
An offering so complete
In its depth and width and dimension
That all who desire
Can receive its sufficiency
And find peace
And a journey to wholeness
And healing
And restoration
And life
His full embrace of undeserved pain and suffering and death
Is my holy invitation
To a life
Which fully embraces
Again and again and again and again
The offering of my own heart
In the journey
Of knowing him
The offering of my own life
In his service
The offering of my own will
To his purposes
And the holy invitation
To live in the mystery
Of wonder
And amazement
Of such love
Framed beyond words
On a cross






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  1. Beautiful Easter words. God’s love framed by the cross.


  2. Ruth McMullen says:

    These words touched my heart this morning. How much He Loved us so much! Thank you for these words of Inspiration this morning. Hope your family is doing well. We love you all.

  3. Song says:

    Amazing. Beautiful. Truthful. The poem and yourbheart. Thank you.

  4. Laura Brown says:

    Beautiful depiction of our saviors love for us! He lives !! He Lives!!
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  5. Carol says:

    very powerful! you are obviously an ‘enlightened woman’ ~ blessings to you ^_^

  6. Kenisha says:

    Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I apprcetiae it.

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