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You have purpose. You have destiny. You have a divine blueprint for your life.

We choose to live out the script for our lives, or we choose to walk away from the script.

And yet, even the walking away becomes a part of what God uses.

We often feel the walking away moments and the walking away seasons disqualify us from the divine plan. But somehow, beyond our ability to grasp, God writes the walking away seasons into our purpose.

Sound like heresy? Sound like somehow we are slapping God in the face if we believe that He can use our failures as part of His plan?

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It is God, and only God, who can redeem our failures and use them for glory. According to Romans 8:28, “…we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot as of late. As I work as a counselor, I sit day by day and listen to people’s stories, how they’ve ended up where they are. Most come because they want to change; they need to find a way forward in their life. Often, in their minds, this moving forward would best be accomplished by wiping out a season of their lives, cleaning the slate.

I get that; I really do. I have often longed to wipe out seasons of my life story. In fact, I worked pretty hard for many years to deny parts of my story.

Then I came face to face with the hard truth; whatever we deny, ignore, or minimize still has an effect on how we think, feel, and behave. The way forward involves looking in the face of truth and allowing God to bring understanding and healing. God is truth, and He works in truth.

We have to own our life story.

While I don’t believe that owning our stories necessarily means sharing every detail of our lives with everyone we know (which can be damaging), it does mean acknowledging personal truth in our own heart and in the presence of God and probably at least one other trusted friend. This acknowledgment involves facing into the pain instead of running away from it.

Facing the truth about our life story, whether that means acknowledging that we’ve failed in some way – and we all have – or whether that means acknowledging that others have failed us, or both, allows the healing process to begin.

Facing into our truth instead of running from it welcomes the work of God in our hearts.

And I believe that the end result of the work of God in our hearts brings us to a place where we can walk into our life story instead of running away from it. We can accept the broken places in our lives as part of what God uses.

God spoke to me recently as I was watching an animated movie, Rango. My heart was gripped as I watched Rango wrestle with accepting who he was created to be and walk into that destiny instead of running from it. One of the scenes went like this:

Roadkill: What now, amigo?

Rango: No man can walk out on his own story. I’m goin’ back.

Roadkill: But why?

Rango: Because that’s who I am.

In other words, there is a plan for our lives. Everything belongs. It’s all a part of the story. God uses it all.

Every failure, every fear, every wounded place, can become usable in God’s hands if we allow God to heal our hearts and offer our lives into His hands.

I suppose this blog sort of tag-teams on my last blog. That’s just where I am right now. And I sit back in wonder, day by day, as God brings people for me to minister to out of the broken places in my own life. So many come precisely because they know I’ve had my own broken story and have faced into it and found a way forward. Many feel they can trust me because of that. Sometimes people in ministry come to me. They believe they can find compassion and help and they won’t be judged because they know a bit of my story.

And I can assure them that there is hope. You don’t have to run from your life story. You can find the strength to face it. You can allow God into the broken places and truly find that He actually uses them for good, in His own mysterious ways.

Where are you today? Do you hate your life story? Would you rather deny, minimize or ignore it? What would it be like to welcome it as a part of your heart that needs healing? A wounded place instead of a wicked place? (and yes, there is wickedness, I’m not denying that.) What would it be like to walk into your story and allow God to eventually use it to help others?

Would you sit with God and ask Him to show you any unhealed parts of your heart? Would you welcome Him into those places? Would you dare to believe that your life story, including the failures, can belong in your life script?

Is it scary? Yeah. Risky? Maybe. Worth it, definitely. Face into your story. Walk into it. You can find that the healing hand of God uses it to qualify you as never before to help a broken world. 

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