A New Season of Hope and Restoration



Intimate, precious, sacred are the moments when I meet with God and God speaks to me in such personal ways as if to say, “I know you altogether. I am involved in each part of your journey.”

He is always speaking but there are times when His voice becomes so clear, so specific, that I am left in awe because of His heart of love.  These last few months have been times like that for me. They’ve been difficult days in some ways. Stretching moments. Challenging times.  But in the midst of them, I’ve clearly felt God’s direction and His invitation into the deeper waters of His presence. And there, in His presence, He has responded to my heart with overwhelming love. I am amazed at just how intimately He knows me and is working things out on my behalf.

Last fall, I began to sense God’s invitation to be strengthened by Him. I’ve walked with Him long enough to recognize that His invitation included a sense of, “You’re gonna need this strength.”  I felt the weightiness of the season.

I grieved all December even though I had not lost my mother yet. I grieved the things I had already lost through her dementia. Such sadness stayed with me and although the losses were not new ones, I felt them in new ways.

Mom had multiple illnesses that month and her health spiraled downward.  She was hospitalized on December 27 but it looked as if she would recover.  She was in CCU that first night. I left late that night and went home and slept a bit.  I rose very early the next morning and gathered my things to be able to stay at the hospital all day. I wanted to take some books to read and opened my cabinet over my computer. I saw the book, Hope Resurrected by Dutch Sheets and quickly decided to take it with me on what seemed to be a whim. I had read the short book several times in the past and had heard a friend mention that book in a conversation a few days earlier. I made my way back to the hospital. As I arrived in the CCU area, I noticed that Mom was in room 7. I had not noticed that the day before in the midst of all that was happening. As I saw the number 7, I thought, “That’s a good number. A God number.”   I knew that in the Bible, numbers are often significant and I knew that seven meant completeness, perfection. I also knew that the Year of Jubilee began at the end of 7 X 7 years and it was the year that every debt is cancelled and everything is restored.

Mom was sleeping so I settled in and began to read the book.  It began with a story about the number seven. Needless to say, God had my attention. What was the chance of my thinking about the number 7 only a couple of minutes earlier? I began to think that it was no accident that Mom was in room 7 and that I had picked up this book which would now talk about number 7.  The first chapter began with a woman’s story that was in ways similar to mine. She was retelling how God spoke to her on January 11, 2002, about the completion of a 7 year period of time in her life, the completion of one season and the beginning of another. Just as she mentioned that she was totally caught off guard by her memories and the anniversary of a significant day of pain and loss, I felt much the same. God was initiating this conversation between us and connecting dots with the revelation He was giving me.

On the one hand, I felt God was telling me that Mom was completing her life and transitioning to another (and she went to be with Jesus on Jan. 2). I also felt God was speaking about a new season of my life. The story spoke of a time of restoration and a completion of a season of difficulty.  I felt a sense of being on holy ground as God spoke so specifically to me. I knew it had been almost exactly 7 years since the most difficult days of my life.

It would be belaboring to tell you all the details that have happened since early January this year but I will say that God has been putting the icing on the cake. It’s as if I stepped into the door of a brand new season.

And what is so beautiful about my story is that it can be your story. Whatever difficulty you’ve faced, whatever you have lost, whatever heartbreak you’ve endured, God desires to bring you through it into a land of newness, completeness, and restoration.

That’s who He is and what He does. He knows all about you and is intimately involved in the details of your life desiring to bring you into the completeness of restored hope and joy and peace.  

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  1. Sandra Harper says:

    Mikki, Your post is awesome and I thank you for sharing it at church and here in your blog.  It will speak to many and thank the Lord His restoration is for us all.  I love you.


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