A Time to Laugh

Do you think God ever laughs in pleasure? Can you picture Jesus laughing while interacting with people? Many of you might have difficulty seeing Divinity in those ways. Yet most of us can quickly conjure up images of God being angry or sending bolts of lightning down on us in response to our sinfulness.
If we humans are created in God’s image and He gave us the full range of emotions, don’t you suppose His emotions also included joy that overflows into laughter? I do. In fact, I think it would be profitable for all of us to take a few moments and imagine God smiling at us in love and pleasure. Galatians tells us that we are God’s handiwork and just as He reviewed His works of creation as recorded in Genesis and said, “It is good,” I believe He looks at us and is pleased with His work of creation.
The writer of Ecclesiastes tells us in Ecclesiastes 3: 4 that there is a time to laugh. St. Iraneus wrote that the glory of God is man fully alive. I believe that a fully alive individual knows how to laugh!
It is appropriate for all of us to stop and evaluate our ability to laugh and have fun. Sometimes life’s painful circumstances have taught us that we don’t deserve to have fun. Religion can teach us that fun isn’t holy. If you are one of those individuals who have difficulty playing and having fun, today is the day you should begin to challenge that mindset. Allow God to bring healing into your heart through fun and laughter.
Laughter is an important part of life. Proverbs 17: 22 says that “A merry heart does us good, like a medicine.”  Laughter brings healing. It is music to our souls. Laughter connects our soul and spirit.
So today I want to make you smile and laugh!
The following is a clip from our children’s presentation at church on Dec. 20. The little star of this clip is Caleb Bullard, son of Todd and Amy Bullard. Todd and Amy weren’t sure Caleb would actually go up on the stage, but oh, did he ever. He not only went up on the stage, he took over the stage.  His performance seems to have said, “Here I am world! Enjoy me!” I rather think God loved seeing his little son enjoy himself. This clip doesn’t show his full body which would have made it even better if you could have seen his little side steps, but click away and smile.  

Caleb Has a Great Time at Grace House from Eddie Lawrence on Vimeo.


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  1. Judi Jones says:

    Mikki, I agree 110%!!! Laughter is such a stress reliever and I know it works like medicine. Thanks for sharing this insight. I love movies that show Jesus laughing; you know He loved children and if you love children, you will laugh! Love you!

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