An Invitation. A Promise. A Reminder.


I awakened in the pitch black darkness of night and glanced at the clock for the time. 3:33.  

Either my body clock is set on a rigid schedule or God is speaking to me through my repeated awakenings at 3:33 a.m. I kiddingly say sometimes that I must not listen well enough during the daytime because God often speaks to me in the still of the night. But the truth is, He is always speaking. Sometimes I just hear Him better in quietness!
So why would 3:33 speak to me?
3:33 means something to me. It’s an invitation. A promise. A reminder. A faith builder and it invites me to God’s throne as a reminder of Jeremiah 33:3, a favorite scripture of mine and one God reminds me of many times when I need to remember that He is still on the throne and that He is inviting me a deeper awareness of His desire to hear me. 
Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call to me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you do not know.”
A beautiful promise from God’s Word, this scripture begins with a simple, “Call to me.” 
Ever get stuck in a situation and realize that you haven’t really talked to God about it? This simple message from God is, “Call on me. Talk to me. Put your focus on me.”
Sometimes we talk to everyone else about a matter and only mention it to God in passing. 
God further speaks to dispel our doubts and challenges our hearts with a clear direct message, “I will answer you.”
At times our faith “gets” this and we know that we know that God is answering or will answer. But at other moments, when we are tired or discouraged or hurt, a twinge of doubt crops up in our hearts when we read that, “I will answer you.” Unspoken perhaps but still there. Sort of like the enemy of our soul is whispering in our ears, “Really?” “You remember when you prayed and it never happened?” or some other thoughts that feed doubt and strengthens fear.
Much as he spoke to Eve in the Garden, “Did God REALLY say that?” our enemy still uses his old tricks because they still work. “God didn’t really say that, did He? Maybe that’s not what He meant.”
But God challenges any doubt and any impersonal notion we might have of Him and our relationship with Him. He says, “Talk to me and I’ll answer you.”
In fact, one characteristic of a false god is one who does not speak. God speaks. He talks to us.
And what does He say? Well, some of what He says is “great and mighty things that you do not know.” Another version translates as unsearchable things. 
Ever need to know something that’s outside of your realm of knowledge? Beyond what you understand? Future things? 
God promises to give us what we need if we will ask. Talk to Him. Look to Him for answers.
Are you facing anything that looks impossible? God will respond to your heart, to your need, with things are greater than you can even imagine.
Will you take the first step and call on Him?
And then, will you listen for His answer? Will you watch for His greatness and give thanks for what He does?
Is God speaking to you right now? It might not be through your clock, but it could be through that hunch. That Bible verse. That message. The words of a friend. A dream.
While we may not know how God will speak to us, He promises that He will indeed speak.
Will you pause and call on Him right now?
Be sure to take a moment and leave a comment on this blog post about times when you called on God and He answered you. It will build our mutual faith and encourage many people, and it will stir up your own heart as you remember God’s faithfulness in your life. 

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