Are You Willing to Face Your Struggles?


What have you struggled with lately? Fear? Anger? Resentment? Unforgiveness? Pride? The list of human issues is endless, but the common truth is that none of us are completely “whole”. None of us have arrived at perfection.

change aheadWe who are believers in Christ are on a life-long journey to become more like him.  Along with David, we long for the day when we awake “satisfied” because we are finally in his likeness (Psalm 17:15).

There are many ways that we can choose to deal with our struggles, whether they are relational, financial, emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. Sometimes our “go to” mentality is that our problems are always someone else’s fault; we blame. At other times, we deny we have any issues. We try to ignore them; we push them down into our emotional abyss.  Other times we exaggerate them or minimize them.

The more difficult and more honest path is the path of allowing God’s Holy Spirit to show us our “sore spots”.  We could probably ask a close friend and they could name our issues for us! As a matter of fact, it is good to periodically check in with those who are close to us, those we trust deeply, about their observations of our life. Be sure you are ready for the truth if you do this, and then take whatever is shared to God and ask His opinion of it.

This process of facing our struggles does begin with naming them. When I can recognize and name my struggles, then I can access the power of the Holy Spirit to begin to face them and begin the process of change.

Naming and recognizing our struggles leads us to identify our patterns of wrong behavior and thinking – which we repeat despite our best judgment. Bringing these struggles into our consciousness allows us to begin to understand ourselves in ways which leads us to grow from adversity and turn our struggles into strength.

Change is a process. When we have had long-standing patterns of thinking and feeling, these patterns don’t usually change overnight. There are times when God just sovereignly touches us and we experience freedom. Thank God for those times!

However, at other times, we must wrestle through the daily challenges of denying our flesh, recognizing our woundedness and imperfections, and choose God’s answers and His pathways.

This wrestling leads us to deep understanding and we eventually find that the understanding has indeed deepened from just a mental assent to an inner knowing.  As we experience the pain of our struggles, the answers we find become our own and not just something our preacher told us or that we read in a book (and those things are good in their place but cannot replace our personal journey).

One popular song declares that freedom is never free. I find this to be true. Christ paid the ultimate price for our freedom. His truth brings us into freedom. Freedom is costly. Just as our soldiers pay a high price for us to maintain our American freedoms, we as Christian soldiers must also do the hard work required to truly know our own hearts, name our own struggles, and cooperate with the Holy Spirit to gain freedom.

This is not a grace versus works message.  I am a 100% believer in grace.  It is the grace of God which allows us to change.

Will you ask God to show you your “sore spots”?  Your unhealed places? Your ungodly patterns?

When He does, He will also give you the grace you need to begin the change process. I like to remind people that God convicts and leads us to change; Satan condemns and tells us we are hopeless.  It is important that you keep that knowledge on your radar screen so that you can identify the voice speaking to you.

Quiet your heart and mind today and ask God to bring the light of His Spirit. The end result of the process will be deep and meaningful change.

Do you want that?

Ask, and get ready for change because God is committed to transform us into the image of His dear Son. He is just waiting for your willing heart to join Him in the work. 


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  1. Cindy says:

    Thank you for this word Mikki,I have been dealing with feeling “hopeless”.

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