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Are You Sick and Tired of Waiting?

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pregnant-belly2“If one more person looks at me and says, ‘Have you not had that baby yet?’, I am going to scream!  I mean, does it look like I’ve had this baby yet?” My well-meaning church family didn’t know that I was, well, umm, emotionally and physically depleted.  In the South we might call that being “As ill as a hornet.”

Not one of my better moments, for sure, but nonetheless, I had had it! Forty-two weeks pregnant by all accounts, I had begged my doctor to let me deliver naturally and not be induced. I was down to the wire in all regards. My doctor had said, “I can only let you wait another day or two.”  My family was certainly ready for me to deliver, if you know what I mean. And I myself was sick and tired of being pregnant.

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Comments (2)