Change, Change, and More Change


 I’ve found myself in another season of change. It inevitably happens just about the time I take a deep breath and think I am in a place of rest.

I muse at times on this season I find myself in. It’s one of continuous change. Continuous transition. I used to read Ecclesiastes 3 and think it meant that you were either in one season or another, and yet I find myself in several of them all at one time.

It’s like a different kind of mid-life crisis. (Yes, I am claiming that this is my mid-life even though my numerical age might indicate otherwise. I will live to be at least 104 J, and no, my marriage is not in crisis.)

From having a grandchild to having a new career to dealing with an aging parent’s struggles to dealing with the physical changes that come my way to having both married children and teens still at home to pastoring a changing, growing church, my life is a picture of change.

With each change comes the need for my heart to change, to expand, to heal, to stretch.

As Paul said in Philippians 3:12, I press on, knowing that I’m not there yet.

I laughingly said to one of my friends that I thought God should give me a break and work on someone else, that I had had enough healing for a while. Now I was kidding, of course, in part. I am grateful that God continues to change me, heal me, and use me, and at the same time, the continual need to change stretches me and causes me to face uncomfortable places in my heart.

Have you ever thought about how being “conformed” into His image sounds painful? (Romans 8:29)

To conform means to adapt, adjust, accommodate, to yield. Philippians 3:10 speaks of us being conformed into His death.

Now, my natural tendency is not to adapt, adjust, accommodate, yield. I have to willingly choose to do those things. My flesh resists. My soul prefers not to change, but His Spirit insides me leads me to change.

What changes are you facing today? What might God want to do in your heart as you walk through your season of change?

Whatever it is, I can assure you that it involves conforming to His image, expanding to carry more of His heart, stretching beyond your comfort zone, laying hold of some things God has for you, and pressing on toward the mark.  The end result will be a “far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory” in your heart  (2 Corinthians 4:17-18).


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  1. Terri Wardlaw says:

    AMEN!! So True… Life is an incredible journey! No cliche intended… 🙂 So looking forward to gathering tonight and encourage each other in what God is doing in us and through us as we stretch! Change abounds! God is faithful! I love you!!

  2. You got it, “With each change comes the need for my heart to change, to expand, to heal, to stretch.”
    Sometimes, God needs to pinch me to get me to move out of the human comfort zone, but the pinch is always worth it–like a wake up call. Thanks

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