Chocolate Cake for Breakfast


chocolate cake Life is always uncertain. Most of the time, I live as if that isn’t true and yet the last two years have consistently reminded me that things can change at any given moment.

My mom has had multiple new health concerns in recent days. Calls from her assisted living facility mean immediate changes in my daily schedule in order to facilitate Mom’s care. Unplanned doctor visits and hospital stays trump my normal life and remind me that I’m not really in control of my life as much as I’d like to believe.

It reminds me of the days when my kids were small and you never knew when a stomach virus or some other unplanned thing would show up to throw a wrench into life’s schedule. Flexibility was a necessity in those days.

Somewhere along the way though the kids get older and more independent and you think you have your independence back. Then comes middle age, lol, along with its “You are now parenting your parent” issues.

I have found an answer to these issues though. Chocolate. And lots of it.

This week after a day of caring for Mom and taking her to the doctor and then to the hospital for tests, I was, how can I say this, STRESSED.

I felt this anxiousness which was revealing itself in my tense muscles and shallow breathing and stomach pain.

I considered all the options and decided that chocolate was the best answer for the moment.

I went straight to Walgreens. My son, Nathan, recently observed that they have more candy than any other store. With that information in mind, I entered the store, went right past all the tempting lotions and makeup and greeting cards and found the candy aisles, yes, as in plural.

I agonized over which chocolate was going fix me up. I finally decided. Or I decided not to decide and bought three kinds.

First of all, there were the chocolate snowcaps. You know the kind you get at the movie theater with the buttered popcorn and Coke? My instincts said that was a good memory and worthy of repeating.

Then I found the Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bar with Almonds. The crunch is a definite plus in my estimation.

Lastly, I agonized over all the more expensive kinds or chocolate as far as Walgreen’s goes. I finally settled on a bag of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt with Almonds.

Now, granted, the $17.00 I spent was not really a budget item (I found another thing or two along the other store aisles) but I definitely had hope now and that is priceless.

I took my treasures back to my office where I was about to spend a few hours helping other people with their problems.

I arrived before my client and so I closed my office door, unloaded my purchases, and sat at my desk. I ripped open the Ghirardelli bag and found it to be full of little chocolate squares, all individually wrapped. Now whoever could eat just one of those squares? Quite a nuisance, I thought, to have to stop after every one and take the time to open another.

After my fourth square, I began to breathe easier and feel I’d be able to calm myself down with some deep breathing now.

Somewhere about halfway into my first client’s session, I considered offering my client a piece of chocolate but decided against it. Perhaps another solution would be better, more lasting.

While I know that feeling in control of my life is just an illusion, I also know that nothing passes into my life that doesn’t pass through His hands. Nothing is wasted by my God.

And as I meditate on that, another thought comes to me.

I think I’ll have chocolate cake for breakfast tomorrow. 



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  1. Anna Laura says:

    Chocolate is my mini-vacation. I think I could live off chocolate and Dr. Peppers alone. Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to lose these last 10-15lbs of baby weight?? Lol. Good read.

  2. Kimberly says:

    So love this!! Well done! We all should have a little therapy, er I mean chocolate to make things better. However now I want some chocolate so bad I can hardly stand it. 🙂 thanks for sharing. Love you.

  3. caroline says:

    Stressed spelled backward is DESSERTS! Guess we have to live backward to enjoy more of life! smile

  4. Mikki says:

    I love this, Caroline!

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