Divine Surprises


It’s a most amazing thing to unexpectedly end up in a place and then discover that it was all part of a divine plan of redemption. A set up. An orchestration of God’s making.

When I left work today, I was just so full of wonder at God’s handiwork in my life.

At one time, my pain seemed so overwhelming that I couldn’t see the possibility of redemption or restoration. And now here I am. Satisfied. Content. Fulfilled.

During a time of great loss, I chose to pursue a new career. Really, a new ministry.

Counseling had so significantly changed my life that I found myself desiring to be involved in that process with others. So I signed up, completed the 60 semester hours and an internship, and began a new business.

I’ll never forget my first day and the deep satisfaction I felt, the inner knowing that I had landed right in the middle of God’s will.

I wish I could articulate in an adequate way what I feel when God graces me with the ability to positively influence a life, a couple, a family.

On my way home today, I mused at what I had experienced on this day.  It’s like being a part of expanding a heart, enlarging a vision, increasing another’s capacity to live fully.

It’s really what I would describe as a sacred privilege. To be trusted with someone’s life. To be invited into pain, into growth, into the change process, and to watch lives change week by week.

Oh, it’s not all peaches and cream to be sure. There are trying moments. Times when I’m not sure which way to go. Frustrations. Limitations.

But often, there are divine surprises, both in my life and in the lives of others.  The joining with God in what He’s doing. The experience of deep satisfaction in knowing that God has taken the broken places in my heart and given me insight and compassion for others. The joy of “aha” moments. The times when light breaks through and freedom comes.

I suppose what I feel is really the wonder of God and His long-term plans and redemptive heart for me. 

He truly has turned my mourning into dancing, my weeping into joy, my ashes into beauty.

While it’s not a perfect life, it’s a satisfying one. One with purpose.

And the beauty of it is that these divine surprises are not only just for me, but they are for you as well. What God has done in my life is a seed that can be reproduced in your life because that’s what God does. That’s just who He is.

I know that some of you are in dark seasons of your life and while it may feel that God has abandoned you, He may just be doing His greatest work in your heart.

I pray that His divine surprises kiss you, and may you find yourself right in the middle of His plan!



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  1. Ginger says:

    Two things:
    1) I think it is absolutely amazing that He is using you in this way. What a beautiful picture of His sovereignty.
    2) Any updates on your book?

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