Do You Feel Invisible to God?


God doesn’t simply like you. He loves you. His love for you is unlimited and inextinguishable. He persistently pursues you with a purposeful, passionate heart.

Were you stirred inside by those words? Or did you feel completely disconnected from their truth? Or perhaps you thought, “Well, yeah, I know that,” and you assented to the words on a mental level but not a heart level?

Is it important that our knowing of God’s love move from simple mental assent into a transformational experiential knowing of His love?

You’ve probably already answered that with a “yes”, but are you aware of the transformational work of God’s love in your life? Can you name where He is changing your heart?

The Bible speaks distinctly of the depths of God’s love for us all, of His awareness of our circumstances, His involvement in our daily lives. Yet we can read those truths and still remain largely unchanged at the heart level. We need the Spirit of God to infuse us with the love of God and through that love, change us.

This kind of personal knowing of God comes as we embrace God’s love as more than a theological truth, more than a theory, more than a dusty creed. This kind of knowing comes through experiencing God in the deep places of our hearts.

David Benner says, “An identity grounded in God would mean that when we think of who we are, the FIRST thing that would come to mind is our status as someone who is deeply loved by God.” (emphasis mine)

The wounded broken places in our hearts and souls can make it difficult time to receive this kind of transformational love.

We may feel like failures, have a sense of shame, or have our identity primarily defined by the things we do or have accomplished instead of being defined as someone God loves.

In Genesis 16, we find the story of Hagar, who was the handmaiden of Sarai who would later be renamed Sarah. Hagar became pregnant with Abram’s child at Sarai’s insistence in an effort to gain a son for Abram (who became Abraham). After all, God had spoken to Abram and told him that he would have an heir, yet many years had passed. He and Sarai were getting very old. Surely they needed to help God out with His plan to give them an heir so Sarai concocted a plan for Abram to sleep with Hagar and produce the heir Sarai had not. 

But later Sarai, full of jealousy, hated Hagar and convinced Abram to throw Hagar out. Hagar found herself in a most difficult situation. She was in the wilderness, scared, with no provision, and had been turned away by the very people who were supposed to know about God’s love.  She did not seem to be important. She was not wealthy. She was not full of faith. She was seemingly invisible to God as well.

And yet God knew exactly where she was in that wilderness and He came to her.

God spoke distinctly to Hagar and gave her directions and a prophetic word about her child’s future. Hagar was so changed by this encounter with God’s love that she named God, “The God who sees me.” She further said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”

That’s it! God sees us, reveals our own hearts to us, comes to us, pursues us, clothes us in His love, and then we can see Him. The end result is that His love transforms us.

When we encounter God in our vulnerability, we are touched by His love. Our identity changes to someone who is loved by God!

The woman at the well in John 4 had a similar encounter. She Jesus came to her, he revealed her heart to herself, (God sees me), and then she was able to go tell everyone in town, “Come see a man who told me everything I’ve ever done. Could this be the Christ?”

She knew God had seen her, and then she saw God. 

In your darkest moment, when your problem seems too ugly and complicated and twisted to solve, God sees you. God knows exactly where you are — and He will come to you. He will kindly show you the brokenness of your heart and then show you Himself as the healer.

No matter how you may feel, you are not invisible to God!

Today I pray that you will encounter God in authentic ways that immerse you more deeply into His love and that through those encounters, you will know more of your identity as a child of God who is radically loved by your Daddy God. May He tangibly touch you today.



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