Do You Need a Vacation?


sun soakingMy idea of a true vacation has changed radically in the last few years. I’ve transitioned from loving the busy, busy, busy days of site-seeing, event-oriented vacations, to deeply longing for quiet, rest, relaxation, and restoration. From soaking in multi-colored sunsets to quiet hours of soul satisfying reading to lengthy conversations with those I love, I find joy and fulfillment in being instead of doing.

Whether I am just becoming older or more mature, lol, or I’ve just been there and done that and got the t-shirt, I find that simple pleasures are the best ones.

And yet, life tends to pull me into a stream of busy swirling activity. I must purposefully mark my calendar with times of non-activity. Times to watch movies with my husband. Times to read that book. Times to watch that sunrise. Times for communing with God. Times to watch my granddaughter laugh and dance and play.

The times when I resist the busyness provides deep fulfillment and restoration for my soul. They allow me to be present and aware during the busy moments of life, not missing the voice of my heart or the voice of my God. And yet, my current reality is that my tank is running a bit empty right now. I find myself longing for naps on the beach, mornings in the mountains, long afternoons with nothing to do but soak in the sun.

This morning as I awakened before 5, I tiptoed through the house so as not to awaken anyone else, and got my coffee. The moon was shining so brightly in the still dark sky that I stopped and took it in. I walked into my dining room, which is walled on three sides by windows, and breathed in the glorious moonlight. I thanked God for His wonder, His creation, His awesome majesty. I was tempted to move to busyness. Surely I had a lot to do. There were devotions to read, emails to check, facebook messages to respond to, a Bible study to teach, a blog to write, housework to do, food to prepare, and more.

Yet, the quietness, the stillness, beckoned me to stay. In the quietness, God’s embrace surrounded me. His presence was restorative, filling, satisfying.

And although I don’t forsee a vacation for me in the near future, I understand the principle of rest that God established in the very beginning. We are created for work, productivity, and purpose, and yet that all hinges on our ability to connect with our God in times of solitude and restoration.

We don’t really have anything to give out unless we take time to take in.

Need a vacation? I hope you get one and I do, too,J but I encourage you in the meantime, as I encourage myself, to mind the principle of daily rest and weekly rest which allows us to draw from the springs of life God gives. Take time to drink of the thirst quenching waters that God provides.

Then we will be “like a tree planted by rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf will not wither, and whatever he does will prosper.” Psalm 1:3.


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