Does Anyone Understand Me?


conversation“He just doesn’t get it!” “Why can’t she just hear what I’m saying?” “Why don’t they just say what they mean?”

Ever find it difficult to communicate your heart to someone you care about? Ever been completely misunderstood by a friend or spouse? Well, of course, at times all of us have found ourselves completely bewildered at another human’s inability to understand us and we can feel equally bewildered as we try to understand them.

Good communication is a necessary component of every significant relationship, but how often do we find ourselves scratching our heads in bewilderment or stomping our feet in frustration because someone else has totally NOT understood us or heard our hearts.

Misunderstanding. Miscommunication. Emotional responses. Sinful responses. Personal history. There is an entire array of reasons that make intimate knowing so difficult. Yet at the core level, every human longs to be truly known. To be understood. We crave the satisfaction of knowing that someone really “gets” us.

While most of us have experienced moments of this deep knowing of our hearts, this level of knowing, this intimacy, requires hard work because each of us bring all of our past and all of what we believe to be true about life, others, God, and ourselves into every exchange.

Yet despite all the frustrations that we may encounter, we were designed for intimate sharing of our hearts and lives with God and with others.

Just as Adam and Eve both had a personal relationship with God before they knew each other, we also are made for intimacy with God as the primary relationship of our lives. This intimacy provides a foundation for us to have intimacy with others.

Psalm 139:1 invites us into the truth that there is One who really does know us. “You understand my thoughts afar off.”

Oh, what a glorious truth! God understands my very thoughts! I don’t have to interpret myself to God. He “gets” me! That is fabulous because I often don’t even “get” myself!

The Psalmist David spoke these words describing his intimate relationship with God. Over and over, David pictures his intimacy with God…”You’ve searched me…; You’ve known me…; You know..; You comprehend…; You are acquainted…; You know…”

And while this may make some of us feel frightened or condemned, it is intended to do quite the opposite. David, who had spent multitudes of hours lying underneath the stars while he shepherded his father’s sheep, was comfortable with God. He knew that his own heart was not perfect, yet beyond that, he knew that God adored him. God loved him. God loved being with him.

David had so experienced God’s love that he had been transformed through the joy and pleasure that came from deep communion with God. How intoxicatingly beautiful it is to know that God completely understands our hearts and pursues our whole hearts because He longs to experience intimacy with us.

David invited God to search his heart because his relationship with God was based on an inner-knowing that God really did love him as he was. Therefore David felt safe inviting God to search him and help him. He was not afraid of His heavenly Father. He trusted God with his thoughts.

Open your heart to God and allow Him to bathe you in His love.  Trust Him with your thoughts. He is kind and loving and is pursuing the best for you. He is offering intimacy to you. Intimacy with Him. And He longs to teach you how to be intimate with those you care about.

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  1. kathy says:

    Dear Mikki,
    Again, you bless me. “He gets me”… God gets us, and through him I know we can get better at understanding and “getting” each other.
    This is so true, so good.
    Hard work? Yes! Worth the effort? Yes!
    Much love,
    ps-used the very same line in blog on July 2!
    He gets me….He really does!

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