Don’t Touch My Biscuit!


 ‘Rrrrr! My Yorkie, Gabriel, growled at me as he cut his eyes upward towards me, and I should say that the site of a seven pound dog acting as if he is the boss is quite humorous. In his mouth he held his treasure, a leftover canned biscuit, and he warned me to stay away. Gabby’s regimen of guarding this “treasure” been a long standing point of amusement in our household.

It began several years ago when one of us gave him a canned biscuit which was left over from breakfast. For reasons unexplainable, my oldest son, Andrew, actually likes those really cheap canned biscuits. Their flavor can best be described as something akin to cardboard, yet apparently when they are filled with bacon or deer tenderloin, they are the bomb to my three boys. And one day, someone pitched a leftover biscuit to Gabby and the saga began.

Now my house is home to an uncounted number of these hidden treasures. On a recent cleaning spree, I found four under my bed, three hidden behind the sofa cushions, and two in my closet.

Let it be known that Gabby has never actually eaten one of these biscuits, but he hides them and protects them fiercely if you get too close. If Gabriel sees one of us get too near one of his hiding places, he suddenly becomes “another dog”. He will retrieve his biscuit and walk around the house for an hour, biscuit held tightly in his teeth, occasionally growling, looking for a new place to hide his treasure. And frankly, we love to watch him act so goofy.  Certain members of my family are not beyond purposefully uncovering a biscuit just to watch Gabby set off on his tirade. We laugh at him because it’s so ridiculous to think we’d want his crusty old biscuits.

Last week, my husband and I were having a discussion about something and all of a sudden, I felt it. The “Don’t touch my biscuit” feeling. I felt like growling at him, “Back off!” Eddie laughed at me and suggested that he had gotten close to one of my “emotional biscuits”. I had to smile in spite of myself because he had correctly identified what was happening. As I mused over this later, I thought of how we humans can be fiercely protective, even to the point of becoming “another person”, when someone gets too close to one of our treasures.

These treasures might be literal things or just issues in our hearts; you know what I mean, things we guard and are unwilling to give up.

Sometimes we find ourselves guarding something which is no longer helpful just as Gabby’s biscuits were once of some value, but their season of usefulness is long past. They are not edifying anymore. They are cold and hard.

We may find ourselves “guarding” a memory of how things used to be, and it is holding us back from moving into the future.

It might be an unhealed emotional wound that when uncovered, sets us off. These things which we “protect” and “hide” can be as varied as the colors in the big Crayola crayon box.

Felt like growling at anyone lately?

Feeling threatened or uncovered?

Angry for seemingly no reason?

Grouchy? Weepy? Scared?

Invite God’s Holy Spirit into the moment. Ask Him for insight, discernment, and the grace to let go of your biscuits, knowing that the work God is doing in your heart is good. He gives us grace for each day, and every challenge that you face has the potential to “grow” you more into the image of His dear son, Jesus.

Step into the light and lay your biscuits at His feet.  







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  1. Funny, I know exactly what you mean. 🙂

  2. Glenda Darracott says:

    Mikki that was great, my daughter in law Heather did a teaching on this very subject . Her title was it is mine, refering to a child when someone gets close to his toy. I have a troubled spirit this morning trying to put my finger on it.

  3. Sandra Harper says:

    I totally get it, just don’t ask Russell to go into any depth, he might tell you! Great analogy used here. Thanks for this ministry.

  4. Song says:

    This was a fun blog to read, and very, very true (even outside of Gabby’s biscuit problem). 🙂

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