Good Morning 2010


2009 is gone, and I have awakened unto 2010. I stop this morning to reflect on 2009 and look forward to 2010. As a matter of accountability, I’ve already looked back at the goals I set for 2009 to see how I did in regard to them. I am pleased. 2009 was a year of continued change for me. Certainly I didn’t score 100% but in my blog, Welcoming 2009, I notice that I gave myself permission to resolve to resolve imperfectly! So I did not fail. 

I often use Proverbs 24:16 when I teach about the Christian life. This verse tells us that even though a righteous person may fall seven times, they shall rise again. It then goes on to contrast the righteous person’s response to failure with the wicked person’s response to failure and states that the wicked are overcome by their failure and calamity. I love to use this verse to teach believers that even though we may fall and stumble, the ongoing direction of our life should be toward godliness. I often draw a graph which illustrates the highs and lows of the Christian life.
So with a backwards glance at 2009, I look now to 2010. What are my goals for this year? I think of the old adage which says, “If you aim at nothing, you are sure to hit it.”
So here is my aim:
1.    To know myself more deeply, because in knowing my own heart I gain the ability to know God and others in real ways
2.    To pursue a deeper understanding of God’s grace
3.    To face my shortcomings and failures truthfully with a willingness to change
4.    To have a goal of progress, instead of perfection
5.    To give love and support to others and receive the love and support of others
6.    To recognize things that keep me from growing, such as denial and fear, and then move through and beyond them
7.    To use the influence I have on others in ways that lead them into a deeper relationship with God and others
8.    To be increasingly less religious and more Christ-like
9.    To continue to break the power of the past
10.To live within my limits
11.To learn to easily identify what I am feeling inside
12.To allow Christ to change me
13.To resolve conflict in clear, direct, and respectful ways
14.To admit when I am wrong and ask for forgiveness
15.To be able to enter others’ worlds and feelings, connecting deeply with them
16.To truly listen when others speak and sincerely try to hear their heart
17.To love well, beginning with loving myself as Christ taught
18.To read and receive from others who are life-giving
19.To enjoy myself
Well, maybe that list is a little long, but it is a true reflection of my heart and is a reflection of what I learned in 2009.
Journey on my fellow pilgrim! 2010 awaits us.

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