Help for Your Heart


 Help for Your Heart

God’s Word is amazingly beautiful, speaking to our circumstances as no other words can. One verse that is a favorite of mine is Psalm 61:2. I have quoted it to hurting people for many years now and have clung to it myself during times of trouble. So many times when seeking to encourage someone else this verse has come into my heart and spirit.  As I thought on the beauty of these words today, I wanted to share some simple truths from this verse.

When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Psalm 61:2


  1. Sometimes our hearts are overwhelmed. One definition of overwhelmed is  to overcome completely in mind or feeling. There are times in our human experience that our mind and/or feelings are completely overcome.


  1. There is a Rock that is higher than we are. God is our Rock. A rock is a sturdy, firm foundation.


  1. There are times when we can’t find the Rock by ourselves. We need someone else to lead us to Him.


  1. His perspective is higher than ours. God has the vantage point from which He sees more than we do.

Isn’t is comforting to know that when we find ourselves in the condition of being overwhelmed, there is no shame in that with God? He never says that we have failed just because we feel overwhelmed. He says that He is the Rock on which we can stand, oftentimes being led there by someone else who has been there before. And He can give us His perspective and help us stand on a firm foundation that never wavers even though we do. That is true help for an overwhelmed heart.

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