How Hungry are You?


When we fast, we get hungry.  Ravenously hungry. Our flesh screams at us – EAT! Our mind and emotions kick in to tell us why we should break the fast. In fact, it is just plain funny how much hungrier we get if we are fasting than if we just skip a meal because we are busy.

And we become aware. Awareness is one of the purposes of fasting. When we fast, we quickly become aware of the power our flesh has. That is a good reminder for us. Flesh is powerful. Seasons of denying the flesh are profitable for us for many reasons.

Awareness is important for us to live a life in tune with God. As God made us body, soul, and spirit, He created us to be aware of our physical needs, our emotional needs, and our spiritual needs. We have many enemies of that awareness, including busyness which is chief for most of us. We learn to ignore the signals our body sends. We learn to ignore the signals our emotions send, and even more sadly we learn to ignore the signals our spirit sends.

Fasting ups our awareness. Jesus said that those who hungered and thirsted after righteousness would be filled.  So my prayer for us all today is that our hunger and thirst would make us aware of our need to depend upon God and of the need for our flesh to be crucified. I pray that our hunger and thirst would increase our desire for righteousness for that desire leads to being filled. And nothing can satisfy us like God for we were created to be filled with Him. Allow your fasting to remind you that there is someone who can fill your deepest hunger and quench your deepest thirst.



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  1. Song says:

    Short and powerful, like eating a power bar for breakfast – ha! I’m a horrible faster; I don’t know why I try. I like to eat too much. You are AWESOME!

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