How Kind is Your God?



If you could summarize God’s feelings for you in a word or two, what would you say? Most of us would quickly say, ‘Love.’ 

We ‘understand’ that the Word says God loves us. We ‘understand’ that God is love. We sort of ‘get it’ on one level; we can mentally acknowledge that God loves us. Yet how often do our actions and reactions reflect the real truth of our perceptions about God’s heart towards us? 

At the core level, the heart level, are you afraid of God? 

At the core level, do you believe that He is basically displeased with you? 

At the core level, do you believe that God is angry or disappointed with you? 

Because of our faulty views of God, we sometimes find it difficult to connect with Him in a way that allows His love to transform us, embrace us, and enable us to feel safe in His presence. 

While we who identify ourselves as Christians may state empathically that we know God loves us, our actions and reactions may say something quite different. Consider the following:

  • If you try to quiet your heart and mind before God, do you feel uncomfortable? Condemned? Unloved? 
  • Do you struggle to receive God’s blessings, feeling that you really don’t deserve them? 
  • When you look deeply at the parts of your heart which are not yet like Christ, do you think God must really be disgusted with your struggles, failures, and imperfections? 
  • Do you ever think that if you really got what you deserved, God would just squash you and end it all? 

Much of our understanding of God is shaped by our human relationships. If our human relationships have taught us not to trust, to be afraid, to feel like a failure, this almost inevitably flows over into our understanding of God’s heart toward us. 

My husband and I are parents to four wonderful children. They are not always perfect, but our heart is always to bless them, encourage them, and unconditionally love them.  Yet I often turn around and have difficultly receiving God’s blessings, encouragement, and unconditional love for myself. 

Basically this says that I trust my own heart more than God’s, that I think I am a better parent than God is. 

Now of course, mentally, I know that is not true and I’d never say such a thing as ‘truth’, but emotionally, my actions and reactions say, at times, that I judge myself to be kinder and more caring than God. 

When we become followers of Christ, we become sons and daughters of God. Everything about our relationship with God comes through our relationship with Christ. 

Paul tells us in Romans 5:8 that “while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” This means that when we had done nothing at all to deserve God’s kindness, God moved toward us and gave His all for us so that He could be forever in relationship with us. 

When we relate to God as our Father, we don’t relate because of our own goodness or our own worth but because of the goodness and worth of Christ, who has always perfectly pleased the Father.

All of our interactions with God flow in and through Christ. When we approach God through prayer, we come through the blood of Christ. 

I want to challenge all of us to become more aware of our core beliefs. When those beliefs suggest that our own hearts are more trustworthy than God’s, we need to confess that and ask God to transform our minds and our hearts so that we can more deeply trust Him. 

I think the core problem is that we don’t approach our relationship with God as a relationship. We approach God with a law mindset that believes that He is either pleased or displeased with us based on our actions, apart from our relationship. 

Do our actions matter? Oh, yes, absolutely, but God deals with our hearts through relationship in order to change us which in turn changes our actions. 

What do you really believe about God at the heart level? 

Are you safe with Him? 

Can you open your heart before Him, with the good and the not so good and trust Him to love you and change you? 

How kind is your God?








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  1. I love the idea of a “Kind God”. Matt showed me a scripture a few weeks ago in Hosea that says, “He will draw her away into the wilderness and speak kindly to her.” I love that even in my sin God desires to speak kindly to me, not beat me down or belittle me. He longs for me to be completely complete in Him.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Oh and Congratulations!!!! I’m so proud of you!

    Love you,

  2. Terri Wardlaw says:

    I am so on this journey with you! Have been praying for several months to trust Him more. He is engaging me in this and it is such a special thing!! Wanted to share something I heard on a Graham Cooke cd couple of days ago that so stayed with me! He shared we make God schitzophrenic (sp?) when we live and respond out of a belief system that He is pleased with me when I am good, and displeased when I am bad. Not how He is, and makes it so difficult to engage, to open up our hearts to God… so true!! If that pathway to God is not open, then receiving the awesomeness of His goodness, His love is limited, Seeing this as one of the reasons He is revealing this to us all! Wow! What He must have in store and want to pour in and through us, to reveal this powerful truth to us! Powerful truth! Love this! Thanks for sharing! I love you!! What a journey!!!!! Expectant!!

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