How Not to Live Your Life


risktaking4What if I told you that I could guarantee you a mistake-free life from today forward?  What if I offered you a downloadable document for $9.95 with an outline for mistake-proof living or what if I offered you an app for that? Would you be “a taker” for any of those offers?

Life is a journey. Who we are is a composite result of our journey with the good and the bad adding the herbs and spices to our life’s soup.  Every day, every hour, every minute of our lives blend together to form us. Most of us would love to hit the Undo key for several of those moments and perhaps even for several of our years!  Of course, that is impossible, but what can you and I do about living the rest of our lives well? 

Sometimes I find it helpful to speak in opposites so in order to talk about how to live today I will speak of how not to live your life.

1.      1.  Do not allow your bad days, weeks, or years define you in negative ways. Instead allow them to “grow” you.

2.     2.   Do not close your heart because you’ve been hurt. While we must be wise in “who” we allow into our hearts, sometimes our wounds lead us to close our hearts to most, if not all, in order to protect ourselves from future pain.  This closing of our hearts is like hitting the times 10 (X10) key on the loneliness button. We are not designed to live in isolation. Pursue godly relationships.

3.       3. Do not limit your dreams. I believe that we are by nature creative. We have the capacity to dream, to imagine, to live BIG.  Failed dreams can lead us to be reluctant to dream again, but we must dream in order to live fully!

4.       4. Do not quickly dismiss new ideas, wisdom offered, and the challenges that come to your heart. Just because you have not personally known something doesn’t mean that it is not true.

5.       5.  Do not throw water on other people’s dreams. Learn how to speak in ways that offer encouragement not discouragement. Counsel, even corrective counsel, can be offered in life-giving ways.

6.     6..  Do not ignore your spiritual life. Your spirit is the most alive part of you, the part which will live forever.

7.     7.  Do not ignore the voice of your heart.

8.      8.  Do not be afraid of the fullness of God’s world.

9.      9. .Do not ignore the gift of the present moment.

10.  10. Do not refuse the gift of your life’s story. It is a key to helping others.

I so wish I could give you those guarantees that I mentioned, but I know that the real guarantee in life is that God is good and He will work all things together for our good if our hearts are turned toward Him.  I’ve heard it said that the journey of life is as ordained as the destination, and I’ve found that it is in the living of it that I find the riches of who God is and the riches of who He has destined me to be.  My prayer for you today is that your life be full like a cup running over and its journey be an adventure par excellent! May your heart and your vision be ever expanding!

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