I Love Being a Mom


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I love being a mom. I absolutely love being a mom. Nothing has brought me more joy.  Nothing has shaped my life more.

From the first moment of learning I was pregnant with my firstborn until now, being a mom has touched the deepest places of my heart. It has exposed my most vulnerable weaknesses and given a venue for my greatest strengths to shine. Motherhood has been a constant journey of becoming.

I’ve experienced the fruit of my journey in the lives of my kids. At times, I’ve seen how my devotion and love have shaped my kids in positive ways. At other moments, I’ve come face to face with how my imperfections, lack of knowledge, and unhealed places have negatively impacted my kids.

I’ve got to admit that I loved the middle of the night nursing and rocking and the feeling of knowing that for that moment, I could make my child’s world perfect. For me, those moments when it was just me and my baby and their eyes said that they loved me more than anything, well, there was no better feeling, no more powerful moment.

They grow up, of course, and life becomes much more complicated and they eventually see you through more grown up eyes so I’ve had to lay down my Superwoman façade and accept being loved in truth, for who I am, a woman who is on a journey to become. While my kids no longer think I’m perfect, I know I am loved and they know I love them and that is enough.

Through all the highs and lows, my successes and my failures, the pleasures and the regrets, the fears and joys, there has been no greater delight for me than being a mother. I thank God for my four sweethearts. They are all truly amazing, wonderful young adults. And while I find myself closer to the empty nest part of parenting than the late night rocking, I still believe that there’s nothing better than being a mom.  

I am so thankful that God gave me these four incredible kids who make Mother’s Day the best day of the year.

Andrew, Kara Beth, Elliott, and Nathan, you make my heart sing! I love each of you with all my heart and count you all as my greatest blessings!


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