Is God Involved in Your Daily Life?


young man prayingDo you feel that God hears your prayers? Can you see evidence that He is working in your life? Is He really involved?

Does one part of your heart struggle to believe when you pray that God is listening?
My son, Nathan, turned sixteen this week. He is the baby in our family of four children and my child whom I often described during his toddler years as one you could not hang on a hook and leave, meaning he could not be ignored for more than a moment. He has been such a delight to our family, so full of life and an insatiable desire to learn.
Nathan has long been planning to purchase a truck for his 16th birthday. He’s been saving his money for a couple of years.  As his birthday approached, he searched high, low, near and far for the perfect vehicle. Not too high mileage. Reliable. A couple of name brands high on the list of desirable trucks. And of utmost importance, the right price. 
Let’s just say he was becoming a little frustrated in his search efforts. 
One morning recently, Eddie, my husband, was trying to encourage Nathan and he asked Nathan to join him in praying about this search. This was not the first prayer uttered in this matter, but this day they prayed specifically. They asked God for a good truck with reasonable mileage, a price Nathan could afford, and one that was located near our home since some of Nathan’s searches had landed him several hours away.
A couple of hours later, Nathan called Eddie to say he might have found something of interest. Later that day, Nathan had purchased a wonderful truck with lots of extras that he had not expected to get.
The icing on the cake was the owner’s testimony. Seems he is a local preacher who had been beseeching (if you’ve ever done this, you know what it is!) the Lord to sell his truck before he left for Africa on a mission trip. He was leaving the next morning!
Nathan had no doubt, and neither did we, that God had moved on his behalf (and the pastor’s behalf!) because he had invited God into the process.
I’ve seen this happen in all my children’s lives at different times. This kind of praying builds our faith. 
I love Joyce Meyer’s testimony which says that when she first started praying specifically, she only had faith to ask for dishtowels but as God answered her prayers again and again, her faith level increased.
And while prayer is certainly not just about asking for things, we are to bring all of our requests to God. 
There are many principles about prayer that I don’t have time to address here today such as why God delays some answers, why His answer is sometimes no, the importance praying together, and much more. But today I wanted to encourage you that God is truly involved in your life, your everyday life. 
Specific prayers are important. 
Specific prayers are risky, too.  What if God says no? Well, another blog for another day!
But for today, could you begin to ask God for the desires of your heart, knowing that you are embarking on a journey. A journey to know God more intimately and a journey to know your own heart.
I encourage you to journal your requests and answers to prayers. God’s Word contains more than one command for us to remember, to memorialize, and to share our journey with others and the next generation, particularly our own family.
I’d love to hear about the many ways God has answered your prayers. Feel free to use the comment box to thank Him for answered prayer and to encourage others.


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  1. Cindy says:

    God answered my prayer for a new care for my Sister~Thank You Lord!:)

  2. Cindy says:

    P.S. A new *car* that is:)

  3. This is so encouraging and while I love praying with my kids . . . I want to do it more. My husband, too.


  4. Thank you for the encouragement! I NEEDED that! What a great reminder to pray specifically. I remember when I was looking for a job two years ago. I prayed that I would be able to have flexible hours, off on holidays and weekends and find a good friend or two at that job. God is faithful. Now I have flexible hours, off on holidays and weekends and have made several close friends in the process. Thank you Father!

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