Is God Shouting at You?


shouting1I believe God is always speaking. He is articulate. He is not like a poorly tuned radio, broadcasting a fuzzy white noise which we can barely distinguish above the other sounds around us. In fact, the Old Testament identifies a false god as one who can’t speak.

My God speaks. He speaks to me personally. He speaks to you. How does He speak?
He speaks through His Word. He speaks through His Spirit. He speaks through our circumstances. He speaks through our friends, our enemies, and the world around us. He speaks through nature. He even speaks through His silence at times.  God communicates; our ability to hear him is the problem.
C. S. Lewis, great man of God from recent years said, "Pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts in our pains. It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world."
Alas, another way God speaks. Through pain. This is, no doubt, my least favorite way that God communicates but however, at times, it is the only way He can get my attention.
Pain, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, gets our attention. Sadly, we humans often need to be at the end of our “ropes”, before we are willing to listen. I went through a season a while back where God was trying to speak to me. He tried so many ways. Through my  discomfort. Through dreams. Through others. Through my inner war.   God tried so many ways to speak to me, and yet I couldn’t name what He was saying.
But when the pain got great enough, I began to piece together what God was saying to me. And for me, I needed other Christians to help me as I learned how to connect deeply with my own heart which I had long since learned to ignore so that I could really hear the messages of His Spirit to me.
Are you going through painful times right now? Perhaps God is shouting through your pain. What is He saying?
And yes, there may be things you can observe about what God is saying to others, but what is He saying to you? Ask Him. Remember, He is articulate. He created communication.
You might need to spend some time silently before Him. You might need to talk to a spiritual director. A Christian counselor. A trusted pastor or friend.
Whatever God is saying to you will be for your good, your profit, for no one else knows your heart the way He does. He wants it to be fully alive for His glory and He knows what hinders that process. He is fully committed to make you more like His Son Jesus.
Are you willing to cultivate a greater ability to hear God? If so, listen to your pain. Perhaps God is shouting.


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  1. Uncle James says:

    Thanks for a wonderful article. You are gifted, Mikkie, and I thank God for your Spiritual Gifts. Please continue to use them. Love, Uncle James

  2. Cathleen says:

    OUCH! Well written, Mikki! I, like you, have been in pain, albeit for a little longer than you. I think sometimes when God shouts at me I argue back (puppies!), and at other times I think I put in earplugs because I don’t believe WHAT He is saying when He is shouting at me.

    Sometimes when I figure out what He IS saying to me, it inflicts more pain! OUCH! Oh well, no one ever said following Jesus is easy….
    If there is anything I can do to share your pain with you, please let me know! Love ya!

  3. Noemi says:

    Hi Mikki! This is so true. My mom told me the same exact thing. Sometimes, when you don’t listen to God’s gentle words, he’ll use pain (in one form or another) to get your attention.

    Cathleen: “I think sometimes when God shouts at me I argue back (puppies!), and at other times I think I put in earplugs because I don’t believe WHAT He is saying when He is shouting at me.”–>I am the same way sometimes!

  4. Cathleen says:

    Noemi: Don’t you sometimes wish you were like Abraham? ‘OK God – I hear you but I think You are a little crazy to ask this. But, not to worry – I know it’s gonna hurt but I’ll just go ahead and sacrifice my son if that’s what you want me to do!’ Such faith. The thought of pain did not deter Abraham in the least from following God’s command ….
    Perhaps there is a certain amount of faith involved in believing that pain has a purpose bigger than we can know. My physician and Christian therapist frequently tell me that pain is an indication that something is wrong, either physically or emotionally. Count the costs – all joy!

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