Living Intentionally


winter peaceful sceneLive intentionally…  by your sacred design…and experience what happens. These words on my friend’s blog* stopped me.

What does it mean for us to live intentionally?

How much of your 2010 was intentional? 

When I reflect upon 2010, I recall some very intentional significant moments. I also realize that there were moments, hours, days, and maybe even weeks that just happened.  And such is the nature of our lives too often.

Yesterday, I did something intentional.  I took a step to reconnect in an authentic way with someone I love.  It was something I had thought about doing many times, yet I had just not done it. There were several really good reasons. It involved risk. Vulnerability. Intimacy (not just for marriages… “In-to-me-see”).  

My intentional step gave me inner peace.

As I reflected on this today, I began to think of the definition of repentance.  It seems we can often relegate the idea of repentance to whatever “big” sins we have committed or what we view others as having done to us.  Yet today I thought of how repentance is a necessary component of our lives and relationships for we often fail each other, whether intentionally or through neglect or the lack of purposefulness.

Although we can never be assured or guaranteed that another person will respond to our repentance with grace and acceptance, we can find inner peace by our intentional actions.

I thought of repentance as opening my heart up to God’s sacred design. I thought of how often we need to repent for failing to embrace the opportunity to live intentionally.

Matthew 3:8 …Jesus said that we are to bring forth fruits worthy of repentance. The original words indicate that this bringing forth is something we do, a direct action. Could we say “intentional”?

My heart longs to live intentionally according to His sacred design, being led by His Spirit.

How about you? Anything you need to do intentionally to embrace God’s sacred design? 



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  1. The months of January is such a great time to think about living intentionally. My mind naturally goes there after Christmas. I long, too, to know how to live intentionally, in the moment, as a believer in Jesus Christ. Sometimes, I think I do that and other times . . . I totally miss it. Thanks for the good thoughts.


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