1best friendsIf I asked you to define the word “friend”, you would probably come up with a list of terms to describe a person you are on good terms with, someone you are attached to with positive feelings, etc.

However, if I asked you to describe what a BFF is, your definition would carry even stronger feelings, more intensity. A BFF is a best friend forever.
Our hearts long to believe that such a thing is possible. From grade school on, friends write the acronym BFF on their notes and notebooks; lovers carve it into trees or tattoo it on their skin. In reality, best friends don’t always keep their relationship intact “forever”. Friendships, like all relationships, require work. In order to remain BFF, two people have to be committed to working through the stuff that comes to separate them. Everything from words to actions to intentions to misunderstandings can drive a wedge in a relationship and kill a friendship. True friends work hard to understand one another, forgive one another, and grow in their relationship.
After all, no relationship remains stagnant. Relationships either wane or grow. Everything that is living is growing.
What is a BFF? All our definitions would vary slightly but at the heart of them, we might find the following:
Someone who has been there for you at all times
Someone who will listen to whatever you have to say because they value you
Someone who thinks about you even if they’re not with you and will call or email or IM or text just to see how you are
In an ideal world, a BFF might be someone you’ve known most of your life
Someone you’ve been through a lot with
Someone who really cares about you and wants what’s best for you
Someone who will tell you the truth, even when it hurts, but can do it in love without destroying you
Someone you want to share special moments with
Someone who often knows how you feel or what you think without you saying a word (although this is a somewhat romanticized idea and usually doesn’t happen without a lot of work)
Someone who knows what makes your heart come alive
Well, I could go on and on, but the point is that we all long to have a BFF. We were created for relationship! However, we live in a fallen world with fallen humanity and all relationships come up short of the glorious potential that God meant them to have.
But there is one BFF relationship that you can always count on.
God wants to be your BFF. Throughout scripture, He moved toward His people. He has done all the work necessary for us to be BFFs. But our lives are a journey in the process of growing in our trust of Him.
In truth, God is the kindest person you’ll ever know. He always believes the best about you. He always longs to talk to you. He always knows how you feel. He knows what makes you come alive. He wants the best for you. He will tell you the truth in love. He is always there for you. He is always thinking about you. He has known you from the beginning and wanted you so much, that He gave sacrificially to have you.
The idea of friendship with God may seem challenging and non-religious, but it is God’s idea. The entirety of scripture is the story of how God has consistently moved toward us because He wants to be with us. He loves us!
Abraham and Moses got glimpses of what it meant for God to be their friend, but now Jesus has offered friendship to us all. In John 15:15, He told his followers that He called them friends. He said that He shared with them the intimate things that His Father had shared with Him.
We’ve all experienced that at times. We get good news. We want to call our BFF. We get bad news. We want to call our BFF. We want to share life intimately with others who hold a significant place in our lives.  In much the same way, God wants to share with us. Exodus 33:11 tells us that God spoke to Moses face to face, just as a man would speak to his friend.
God wants us all to know Him. He wants us to trust His kind heart. Life is a long series of assaults on our heart’s journey to know and trust God and others, but there is such a reality as friendship with God and the rewards of such a relationship are beyond our comprehension.
Proverbs says that there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. For all of us, God is that friend. Yet we often fail to appreciate the special friendship that God offers.  We fail to access that friendship, yet all the while God Himself is waiting on us to invite Him into all the intimate details of our lives.
God wants to take your relationship with Him to a deeper level. He wants to be your BFF. The rest is up to you.


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