Nothing Less Than Something More

birthday giftsIt’s my birthday today. As I get older, birthdays seem more significant. I reflect more. I evaluate my life. I ask questions.
Am I living an authentic life? Am I living in balance? Have I forgotten to listen to my heart or my Lord?  Am I enjoying my family, friends, and church community as fully as I should?
I laughingly call myself a recovering workaholic, and as such, these questions are important for me. I have a sense that these same questions are necessary for all of us who live the great American life which exalts busyness above relationships.
In honor of my heart and soul and what I’ve learned in recent years, I took the day off work today. I began the day with a cup of Archers Farm coffee and a bite of almond pound cake and a good conversation with my husband. I drank in both the coffee and the words in my husband’s birthday letter to me. 
I received hugs from my husband and youngest son. I enjoyed birthday wishes from my daughter via phone. I await my wishes from my other two sons as it is still early here in Alabama. My husband’s men’s small group sang Happy Birthday to me. 
I am filling my soul and spirit with Jesus Culture as I oscillate between reading birthday wishes from friends via Facebook and email and writing this blog. 
I look forward to other significant moments today. I plan to read a good book, which is a pleasure of mine, and my husband is taking me to Cracker Barrel for breakfast where I will enjoy the delightful world of carbohydrates.
I feel at peace, and I know that I am not settling for shallowness, either in my relationships or in my dreams.
I want nothing less than something more. 
More than living life to check off a to-do list. More than living for the pats on the back that are not linked to relationships that stand the tests of trials and time. 
I believe that life is meant to be more. A sacred adventure. A journey of discovery. 
I live for more. More fullness of joy. More revelation of God’s love for me. More good conversations. More beautiful sunsets. More meaningful hugs. More laughter. More awareness of the present moment. The heights of the joys. The depths of the sorrows. The richness of life. The beauty of today. The something more.
What about you? Are you living for nothing less than something more? 


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  1. Song says:

    I am so proud of you for your pursuit of more. Each year’s just going to get better!

  2. Sandra Harper says:

    So good today Mik,
    I love you and am so proud of your life journey and how far you have come in it. You are precious to me and even more so to the Father. You have the right heart here to always pursue something more……….

  3. Linda Burns says:


    This is the first time that I visited your blog page—Now that I know where it is I will read your posts.

    I so enjoyed the writing conference that was at Grace church this past summer with Debbie Joyner Johnson and Joni Ames…While attending, I received confirmation to start my own blog, too.

    There is power in writing. You never know how your one little phrase or comment will “touch” the heart of another.

    I pray for you that the rivers of fresh inspiration and the anointing of God will flow from your innermost being and continue to be released on “Mikki’s Journey”…

    God Bless You!!!
    Linda Burns 🙂

  4. Ginger says:

    Ahhh, something more… So glad I stopped by. Your words never disappoint. What a blessing to share wishes with you across the miles. I truly hope you had a wonderful celebration throughout your day!

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