Off to Thailand


1cloudI am off toThailand looking out my airplane window at an endless layer of white puffy clouds, forming a floor with no view of sky underneath. Risen and its rays glistening and dancing on the tops of the clouds, the sun gives a command performance. Purple, orange, and pink swirls and streaks paint the sky with magnificent color, speaking of my Creator for no other could christen a day with such wonder.

I look forward with anxious anticipation to the land before me. Thailand – a land of contradiction. From the beauty of the ocean to the oftentimes empty eyes of the people. What God has in store for me there I can only know in part, but I know I feel called to touch the lives of the people there. And I find that the language of the heart is universal. The language of the heart is a one size fits all and is spelled L-O-V-E, and it flows down from my heavenly Father and touches us all.

Yet the ways of God dictate that His love flows primarily through human containers. So in Thailand, I hope that love will flow through me. The river of His love is a powerful force. As it travels from God’s heart, through my heart and your heart, to the hearts of others, it cleanses, heals, restores, renews, encourages, saves, energizes, brings hope and life everywhere it goes, touching the vessels through which it flows in the same powerful ways as it touches those onto whom it rests.

The love of God is always focused on the nations. In a church service in 1983 as I listened to a missionary speak of his work, God’s heart collided with mine and I knew God wanted to use me.

Such a thought was overwhelming to me! I certainly didn’t feel qualified or worthy for such an assignment. From that moment forward, I have sought to follow God’s path for my life and throughout the years, a thread has always been woven throughout my heart for the nations of the world. Yet that tapestry hasn’t developed as I thought it might back in 1983 but I have never forgotten it.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. Join me through your thoughts and prayers. Travel with me in heart and spirit as I post my experiences here.

Bon Voyage!


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