Rainbows and Roses


Little girls dream of the day their daddy walks them down the aisle and gives them away to the man of their dreams but life sometimes doesn’t unfold according to our dreams.

Last Saturday when my niece, Whitney, appeared as a beautiful bride about to walk down the aisle to her soon-to-be husband, the excitement of hopes and dreams was intermingled with the disappointment of loss and grief. Her daddy, and my twin brother, Mike, was not on her arm. We lost him to heaven 15 years ago.

For the most part, we stayed focused on the joys of the moment but it was impossible not to feel the pain of loss. Many of us, including my niece, were wiping our eyes of tears as we simultaneously experienced the grief over what should have been and the joy over what was.

Awakening before 3 a.m. this morning, my brother was on my mind. When I lost him, I felt I’d lost a part of myself, and sometimes I just need to talk about him.

I could write a tribute to him and perhaps I will one day, but today I mostly just want to acknowledge that I haven’t forgotten him, that he was with us in our hearts on Whitney’s wedding day.  And God, who knows our hearts, kissed us all with the sweet presence of a double rainbow just as Whitney was to walk down the aisle. Just as rainbows allow us to see the colors of the sun that though normally unseen are always present, God seemed to be allowing the reality of Mike in heaven to be there with us, the always present truth that often escapes our awareness.

Just as a rainbow only occurs when sunlight and rain combine, as our joy and grief combined that day we experienced the message of hope that God gives. The message of both a purposeful present day and a future day to come.

I love you, Mike, and will see you again one day. 

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