Remember, Reflect, Refocus, Resolve: Preparing for the New Year


new year'sMy heart is filled with a quiet anticipation and traces of ambivalence.  Another year is ending; a new one beginning. The very passage into a new year carries an innate sense of need to evaluate oneself. This self-evaluation, if done in truth, brings one face to face with the depths of one’s own depravity and the heights of one’s own glory for both are true of the human heart and life.

The end of the year beckons us to remember. What have we done well this year? Where have we gained ground? Have we grown spiritually, emotionally, and mentally? Where have we failed? Missed the mark? Wasted the treasure of life?

True reflection on one’s life can be painful, especially when we must admit that we didn’t keep any of those 2011 New Year’s Resolutions! Yet the purpose of our reflection is to refocus not to condemn.

How can we see and hear more clearly what God is saying to us at the end of a year?

While typical New Year’s Resolutions are things like spend more time with my family, organize more, lose weight, spend less money, etc., the  commonality seems to be this need to refocus our lives.

How do we refocus our lives?

Intentional introspection requires a quiet spirit submitting to the voice of God who will lead us to remember, reflect, refocus, and resolve.

So why do we so often fail at these ‘resolutions’? I purpose that we either failed to hear God’s voice to begin with or perhaps even more painful to admit is that we failed to heed His voice after we did hear.

When we see the burning bush, we must value it enough to turn aside, take off our shoes, and pay attention! And when we hear the still, small voice, we must cherish His quiet revelations and respond by giving our heart to follow that voice.

Will you take time to quiet your heart and soul and listen?

Will you heed the gentle voice of God’s Spirit who always leads us into truth?

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