Riding the Wave


riding the wave


Sometimes life is like a wave of the ocean. It has the potential to knock you down and crash over you if you don't ride it out the right way. 

My most recent wave was surgery that I did not have in my Day Planner until a couple of months ago. It was not on my list of Most Wanted Things to Do or Most Beautiful Places to Go. Nonetheless, after considering the options and praying about it, I felt a lot of peace about the surgery.

I anticipated a little down time afterwards. A little down time. But I thought I might be back at work in less than two weeks. After all, I just sit at my job, right?

So here I am a month later still feeling puppy-whipped at times, as tired as if I’d ran and played all day long.

I have to keep facing my limitations. I keep grace in front of my eyes, accepting that it was a major surgery (Can I get sympathy for 5 ½ hours?). I accept that I’m not as young as I used to be and recovery is a process.

I find that I would really like to snap my fingers and get this process over with. Check it off my To-Do List. Find my energy again. Get rid of the soreness! PL-E-E-A-S-E!

And yet, I simply must keep facing into the grace for every day and ride the wave until it subsides.

I find that I am much more accepting of my limitations than I used to be. I am willing to give myself grace. For the most part, I don’t push myself. I am kind to myself, and for a former workaholic, those are good changes!

I have been reminded of how difficult it must be for those who are struggling with long-term issues.  While I can become impatient with my process, I know its well on its way to being over. I am stirred with more compassion for those who are hurting in long-term situations.

So while I ride this wave, I have given myself permission to stay home and rest when I need to. Eat more dark chocolate. Read more good books. Get more hugs.

The words of Jesus continue to ring true.  “Love your neighbor as yourself.” We have to love ourselves in order to really love others. Self-care is not the same as selfishness. It is a way to honor the life God has given you, agreeing with Him that you have value and that value calls for us to be wise in caring for our body, soul, and spirit.

So I just bought another bag of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate and ordered some more books and until this process is over, I’ll ride the wave with grace.


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