Seeing What is Right Before Your Eyes


 In the early morning hours, I awakened with thoughts of a dream lingering. The dream was significant for me, speaking specifically to encourage me and confirm direction in my life. As I meditated on the sweetness of God’s speaking so expressly to me, I proceeded to get ready for my day and headed for the shower.

 Remembering that I needed to replace my razor blade, I reached to get my razor from the shower but it wasn’t there. Hmm, I thought. I know it was there yesterday. I looked again in case I’d missed it. No, it was not there. I searched the bathroom. No razor.

Someone must have borrowed it. Unlikely but possible, I reasoned. I asked my husband. No, it wasn’t him. I walked downstairs and asked my teen-aged sons. No, not them.

I headed back to the shower. I kept sensing God telling me to look with different eyes, out of the box, so to speak. So I perused the bathroom again. No razor in sight.

 Well, time for plan B. I retrieved an old razor from the cabinet and stepped into the shower, closing the door. And there I saw it; my razor on top of the shower ledge. Now I am 5’0’ and the top of the shower ledge is not where I would put my razor but there it was in plain sight. I should have been able to see it from anywhere in the room, but I wasn’t looking with the right perspective. Even though I had purposed to look beyond my preconceived ideas of where the razor might be, I had still missed it.

I heard the nudging of God reminding me of the importance of looking beyond the norm, beyond the expected, so that I could discover the things He might be saying that were right there in plain sight, but just taking a different form that I might have anticipated

Isaiah 6:9 that says that it is possible to see and not perceive, to hear and not understand.

Jeremiah said in 5:21 that some saw but didn’t see, had ears but didn’t hear. They were called foolish and senseless.

Ezekiel repeats this message in 12:2, calling them a rebellious people.

Jesus himself quoted Isaiah’s prophecy and this idea is mentioned by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and then by Paul in Romans. Must be important, right?

Just like my razor was right there in plain sight, God is speaking to all of us yet sometimes we miss Him.

How’s your vision? 

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