Seize the Moment! Seize the Day! Seize the Year!


seize the dayLike so many of you, I’ve been reflecting on the past year and the year to come. I’m aware of God’s presence as I pause and ask questions. What is truly important to me? Is my life on track with God’s plans and purposes? Am I living the abundant life? Fully alive to all I’m destined to be? Where have I lost focus? How can I make the next year one lived well?

On December 9, I went to my annual GYN appointment. In the midst of the routine questions, my doctor suddenly had a quizzical look on her face. One question led to another which led to some tests. I later found myself sitting in a consultation room hearing my doctor say, “I have to rule out cancer.” Feeling gut kicked, I fought the tears that readily filled my eyes. Suddenly feeling off-balance and wondering what it would mean if cancer existed in my body, fear called out to me. I felt the urge to hide this information and handle this all by myself, one of my not-so-healthy self-sufficient ways of being.

The nurse scheduled a biopsy for me. I left with my appointment card in hand. Walking through the parking lot on that cold dreary morning, my emotions filled my entire being.

What if I didn’t get to see the coming years here on this earth? Waves of a kind of grief filled me as I thought of what I hadn’t done that I wanted to. I instantly longed to spend time with my husband, hold my kids, and play with my grandkids. What if I died before my grandbabies grew up? I’d be just a faint memory or a picture in a book and they’d never really know how much I loved them. What about the things I really wanted to teach my kids that I hadn’t yet? What about the book I’m writing that I want to finish?

My priorities immediately had laser-focus. I’d find a way to work less, spend more time with my family, and watch the sunsets.

Reaching my car, I felt composed enough to call my husband who reassured me. I had planned to finish some Christmas shopping, but it suddenly seemed unimportant. I went home and hugged my husband.

Within an hour, I felt better. Within two hours, I’d regained my peace.

At the end of it all, my biopsy was normal and I am thankful to God for my health but my very being was impacted by my moment of “what ifs”.

I was reminded that we should seize each day. Enjoy the people we love. Experience the moments.

This lesson is one that keeps coming up on my spiritual lesson plan book. I’ve grappled with it over and over as I interact with my mother who has Alzheimer’s. I often feel good that I’ve spent time with her or that she has had joy with family only to find that she doesn’t remember these moments five minutes later. I’ve had to learn to gain satisfaction with the present moment and allow it to be enough for now.

So as I reflect on the past year and focus on the next one, I am reminded that it is in seizing the moments that we seize the day and it is in seizing the days that we seize the year. It is the little moments that add up to the days that add up to the years that make up our life.

When we lose our focus and spend our life on the things that won’t matter in 100 years, we lose.

God invites us into the moment, to live fully aware of His love. Fully alive to His purposes and priorities.

What changes do you need to make to live 2014 well? Do your priorities need changing? What if today were your last on earth? What would be important to you?

Your life doesn’t have to flash before your eyes to know what matters. You can begin living a more meaningful life now.

Seize the moment! Seize the day! Seize the year!

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  1. So true:) I just came across your blog this morning while I was searching for something else related to my own blog. I can’t wait to check out some more of your posts:).

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