The 5 Series: My 5 Favorite Chapters in the Bible



Do you find yourself in certain chapters of the Bible, reading them over and over, drawn to them as a moth to light on a dark night? Have you experienced particular Bible passages as manna for your soul? When you need comfort, help, direction, where do you turn to in the Word? I am listing 5 of my favorite Bible passages. What are yours? Take time to list at least one of your favorite chapters/passages in the comment section below.


Here is my list of 5:

Ephesians 1

John 14

Psalm 139

Colossians 1

1 Corinthians 13


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  1. This is a great idea for a series. Was it hard to stop at just 5?


  2. Mikki says:

    Yes, it’s been really challenging! I thought it’d be a good series of “shorter” blogs, lol, which I’m not really good at!

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