The 5 Series: The 5 Best Things about Knowing God


Today as we celebrate the birth of our Christ, my desire is to focus on Him, His goodness, and His glory. Because God came as a human, dwelt in a fleshly body, lived a perfectly sinless life, gave Himself to pay for my sins and your sins and the sins of the whole world, and offers us redemption, I will celebrate His birth today in several ways. My family and I will read the story of Jesus’ birth. We will celebrate communion together, and we’ll enjoy the treasures of family. We’ll live life fully today because Jesus came. Here are my 5 best things about knowing God ( x 2 …  I just couldn’t stop at 5 so I figured I could say 5 x 2).

1. I am always perfectly loved, regardless of my performance.

2. I am never alone because the Holy Spirit lives inside me.

3. I am wanted. God so wanted me so much that He gave His only son, Jesus, so that He and I could always be together, talking, sharing, and experiencing life together.

4. I am always perfectly understood. God made me. He knows my weaknesses, woundedness, the warfare against my soul, and my sinful patterns, and yet He completely and unreservedly believes in me, knows I have a good heart, and has good plans for me.

5. I always have hope, no matter how bleak the circumstances, because God truly does work everything together for my good (Romans 8:28). I’ve experienced Him doing it again and again. It’s more than a cliché. It really happens and it really happens in my life. His good always trumps evil.

6. I always have someone praying for me. Jesus, seated at the Father’s right hand, “ever lives to make intercession” for me.

7. I have gifts, strengths, and abilities, and can lead a purposeful life because God really did make me unique, special, and truly desires to use me in significant ways.

8. I always have a community of fellow sojourners, both locally and around the world, whose heart beats with the same rhythm as mine because they, too, have a relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ.

9. I can experience fullness of life, both in this world and in the world to come.

10. I have eternal life. No matter how wonderful this life is, the more glorious days are always just ahead in heaven and no matter how limited, sad, tragic, or painful this life on earth might be, a glorious magnificent future is always awaiting me.

And while there are so many more reasons, I will stop at 5 x 2. Please add your “best things about knowing God” in the comment section below.

Merry Christmas and may you experience Christ in your Christmas. 

Love to all!


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  1. Roxanne Cofield says:

    The greatest thing to me about God is His voice. When He is speaking things into my spirit to encourage when outward things don’t appear like what He has spoke would be. He doesn’t ever have to show us anything because we walk by faith but those intimate moments He shares with us treasures are so precious that makes every thing He allows an opportunity to Hear His voice with stronger clarity.

  2. Mikki says:

    Roxanne, Aww, good one! Yes, the ability to hear God’s voice is so sweet!
    Thanks for sharing!

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