The 5 Series: The 5 Best Things My Husband Did for Me in 2012

I’m starting a series of blogs with short, random reflections called The 5 Series. Check back daily for the next blog and consider leaving your 5 things in the comment section following the blog (not necessarily in order of importance).
   1. A night alone at the Marriott on my birthday so I could focus time and attention    on something important to me, writing a book.
   2. Unending support as I deal with my mother’s Alzheimer’s.
   3. Coffee on my nightstand as I awaken in the morning.
   4. Encouragement to develop my counseling skills and local practice, even when he    had to sacrifice time and money to do so.
   5. Permission to stretch and grow beyond my former norms.
Feel free to leave a comment including the best things your spouse did for you in 2012 and hang on my single friends, the rest of the series will not be marriage specific. 


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  1. Ok here is my list for 2012…..and I know 2013 is going to be our year and even better!:-)

    1. Committing to take our relationship to a deeper level, loving each other as we work through the most difficult things that relationships face.
    2. Always desiring to show me affection
    3. Picking out (all by himself) and surprising me with a fabulous pair of designer heels!:-) I know that’s shallow….but you know my man….and that’s big for him! Ha Ha!
    4. No matter how busy he is,,,,Always willing to make a priority to spend time with our family. Like booking a week long beach trip for the 4 of us, as well as several small mini vacations… or just anything to get away and spend time together as a family.
    5.Patience with me and acceptance as I grow spiritually….moving us outside of our normal comfort zones….even when he doesn’t always agree with me.

    Thanks for your post! It made me think about things over the past year. You have such a beautiful family.. so blessed by you…love to you!

  2. Mikki says:

    Thanks, Rebekah! Great list! I’m impressed! The end of the year is such a good time for reflecting. And by the way, designer heels are amazing….and not shallow at all:)

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