The 5 Series: The 5 Most Amazing Answers to Prayer I’ve Ever Experienced



1. On a mission trip to Trinidad in April 2012, a young Trini woman asked me to pray for her hearing. I had difficulty understanding her because of her accent and because of the loud music playing in the background. However, I did understand that she had a problem with her hearing. I felt impressed to pray for God to do a creative miracle in her hearing and make it just as it was when He created her. Immediately she began to cry and rejoice and tell me that she could hear. It was a stunning moment, both for her and for me. Later this young woman reported that she had lost her hearing in one ear early in life due to repeated ear infections and that the apparatus in her ear for hearing had actually degenerated. Doctors had told her that her that she’d never hear again in that ear. God totally restored her hearing in less than a minute! Wow!

2. When my husband and I began to feel God leading us to resign our church back in 1998, we had no idea how we’d pay our bills. We had a good bit of medical debt at that time. We prayed and asked God to help us get out of debt.  In one year, God supernaturally provided and we paid off our debts. We then entered a season where God provided for us month to month (without a stable salary provided by a church) and we made more money that year than we ever had before!

3. My husband and I were building a new home. We had an amount of money that we were willing to borrow for that project and didn’t want to go over that amount. Near the end of the building process, we knew we needed $15,000.00 more to finish our home, and yet we didn’t want to borrow any more money. We prayed a simple prayer of agreement and asked God to provide $15,000.00 more for us. Later that day, we went to The Prayer Center, a local gathering place for prayer and ministry that we had opened with the desire that the body of Christ come together across denominational lines. While we were there, a woman walked up to us and told us that she had felt impressed that morning to give a year-end gift to us and our ministry. She handed us a check for $15,000.00.  And that, my dear friends, is exactly how it happened!

4. Year ago, my father got a report from doctors of a tumor in his stomach. The doctors reported that they were fairly sure it was cancer. My husband and I prayed that God would heal my father. When he returned to the doctor for more tests, the tumor was completely gone!

5. When I was 10 years old, I asked God to save me and forgive me of my sins. He did and I became a new creation. That’s the greatest miracle of all!

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