The Birth of a Son


IMG_5440Thirty-one years ago on this day, my first born arrived. (Happy Birthday, Andrew!) Due on Christmas Day, Andrew got some help arriving early because I had toxemia.

Having a child changed my life. Overwhelming love surged through my heart. Life suddenly became so much different. I was responsible for taking care of Andrew. I read every book I could find on parenting. I dedicated myself to feeding him right, providing every kind of opportunity for him to be happy, healthy, and smart. I bought those educational toys, the ones with the right colors and movements that would insure my child would be all he could be. I sang to him, rocked him, cuddled him, and adored him.IMG_3329IMG_6960

I remember wanting his world to be perfect. I never wanted him to cry or experience pain.

Although I probably scored 100 on love and intent, I’ve learned a few things throughout the years that I would do differently. Thankfully, Andrew is a wonderful, talented, strong young man with godly character despite my parenting blunders.

I remember the stress I felt as Eddie and I struggled to make sense of that first car seat ride home from the hospital. We’d never even been around a baby. Such things were foreign to us. We were unsure that we were “doing it right”.

Temperatures hovered around 20 degrees F on that December 13, my birthday, and we were scared out of our minds on that 30 minute ride home from the hospital. When we arrived home, Eddie almost flipped out because he hadIMG_6581 forgotten to turn up the heat at our home. We were so afraid that we’d make Andrew sick or harm him in some way.

I distinctly remember Eddie putting 5 blankets on Andrew that night. Yes, five, and trust me, it wasn’t that cold in our house!

Parenting can be such an intimidating job, even when everything is almost perfect.Lawrence2013-53


This time of year always brings me to reflect on Mary as she delivered Jesus in a stable with hay and manure and animals. Mary was quite young. Perhaps 14 or 15. She was away from home on a journey. She had just ridden a donkey for a long distance. Unmet expectations must have overwhelmed her. No perfect place. No perfect temperature. No perfect anything except one perfect baby. Jesus.

And I am thankful for the gift of Jesus. For His perfection that makes up for my imperfections. For His sinlessness that covers my sin. For His grace that covers my blunders and strengthens me for every day. For Him “doing it right”. 


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