The Body of Christ Broken for You…



Today I spoke those words many times as individual congregants participated in communion. Often I spoke the person’s name who stood before me and personalized the message. Deborah, the body of Christ broken for you. Josh, the body of Christ broken for you. As each person broke off a piece of the bread symbolizing the breaking of the body of Jesus, the holiness of the moment was tangible. More often than not, the one standing before me had tears in their eyes as the realization of what Christ has done for us all permeated our hearts. It was a sacred privilege to serve others in this remembrance of Christ.
And I thought of what a beautiful way it was to begin our 21-day fast together as a body of Christ. The very observation of communion calls believers into a place of introspection. Scripture teaches us to examine our hearts as we partake of the Lord’s table. Together we acknowledged our sinfulness and His sufficiency and we experienced communion with Christ and with each other.
As we enter this fast together being led by the Holy Spirit, may each time we say no our fleshly desires remind us of the sacrifice of Christ who offered up His flesh for us.


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