The Fight for Quiet, pt. 2



Relationships require work. Maintainance. Attention.

I have a relationship with God. He is always my father whether or not I spend time with Him. Yet He issues a beautiful invitation to me- and to you- to come to Him.

Having a time each day when I acknowledge my relationship with God by spending time communicating with Him is what many call “quiet time”. Perhaps the reason we call it quiet time is because it is a time of “quieting” our busy minds so that we can be more aware of God in us.

This time is never to feel like a chore. It is, however, a discipline. I’ve learned throughout the years that I need this time with God for many reasons so I am aware that this time should be a part of my daily life.

I don’t want to give you a set of rules about how to have a quiet time. A quiet time can be as varied as the shades of colors in a rainbow. The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing. Finding ways to have an interchange with the living God.

If we look at the scripture for our guidance, we do find that Jesus drew aside from the crowds. We find him in a garden. We find him in the wilderness. There are many reasons why we should seek to spend time alone with God our Father.

If my husband and I want to have an important conversation, we clear our schedules, find a quiet atmosphere and talk to each other, listening for each other’s hearts, seeking to understand each other so that we can be more “one”.

That same template works with God. I clear my schedule, find a quiet atmosphere, and we talk to each other. He knows my heart much better than I myself do, and I seek to give Him access to all of my heart and receive His heart for me.

Some days finds me in my rocking chair on the front porch, others find me at my computer, writing as I listen for His guidance; still other days might find me walking and talking with God.

Often I begin with my Bible, reading and meditating. Sometimes I just read one verse; othertimes I read chapters. Sometimes I sit before God, listening to my favorite music. Sometimes I have Pandora’s Radio playing.

The point is that my relationship with God is just that – a relationship. It is living. I value it therefore I make time to give and receive in that relationship.

Many people find that having one set place and time to meet with God helps them prioritize and protect their commitment to the practice of quiet time.

Some people write their prayer lists and use these during their quiet times. For me, I find that that quickly becomes a burden and keeps me from experiencing my living relationship with God. It makes me dread the fulfilling of an obligation. Others find this structure helpful and life-giving.

Yesterday I talked about the fight without. Step one. Getting to a place of rest and quiet.

Practically that means probably turning off your cell phone and withdrawing from other people. I have a husband, four kids, a daughter-in-law and did I mention a granddaughter (check her out at and a son-in-law, a dog, an elderly mother, a congregation we pastor, and a host of friends. I feel like the writer of Hebrews when he spoke of being surrounded by a crowd of witnesses. Life is a circus at times. The fight for quiet is WORK!

Connecting with God during these times is an adventure. It is the way I plug myself into my charger.

I have so much more to say about this! But my busyness calls but now I am ready for it.

More tomorrow.










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  1. Hey Mikki!

    I awoke this morning with several ideas running through my mind about what seemed right for a blog entry. Remarkably, there seems to be a similar theme with what you shared: quality time spent with our Father 😉 It is apparent to me that God is desiring greater intimacy from us all. Thank you so much for sharing…as always, you seem to hit on the heart topic of the Holy Spirit.

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