The In-Between Place


This time of year always find me longing. An intense desire for springtime rumbles around inside me. Visions of the beach call to me. I envision wiggling my bare feet around in the warm sand. Short sleeve clothes say, “Wear me!”

The in-between days make me impatient. Is it springtime or is it not?

Sunshine beams into my windows and says, “Yes, it’s spring!” I check the weather forecast. 57 degrees. I put on my open toe shoes and meet the day. Later I wonder what delusion I was under. My toes are like icebergs and I wish I’d made a more realistic decision based on the current temperature of 42.

The tease of springtime makes me restless. It’s warm and sunshiny, and then it’s cold with bitter winds. It’s on again, off again. And this goes on for a while in Alabama for what sometimes seems like eternity.

I just want to get on with it, leaving winter behind.

Sometimes I feel that way about the work in my soul.

Impatient. Restless. Uneasy. Fidgety. Just wanting to get on with it.

And God is patient. Peaceful. Calm. At ease. In no hurry.

He doesn’t seem to mind in-betweenness. Apparently He is not attached to my Type A need for linear progress.

He invites me to rest right in the middle of unfinished work. He leads me into valleys to restore my soul. He leads me beside STILL waters where there is no rush, no agenda, no project, only an invitation to be.

At times more like Martha than Mary, I often need to reprioritize matters of the soul and choose being over doing, relationships over tasks.

The Psalmist reminds us that “We are merely moving shadows and all of our busy rushing ends in nothing” (Psalm 39:6).

Unfinished soul work. It’s a lot like winter melting into spring. Glimpses of new life and growth are intertwined with cold winds and patches of snow.

At the end of the day I conclude that these seasons are beyond my control and God is doing more than I can see, think, or imagine. God’s invitation to be still and know that He is truly my God and the God of the universe (Psalm 46:10) beckons to me to release my illusion of being in control and enjoy the in-between times, allowing God to set the pace of my days and the priorities of my life. 

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