The Kind of Daddy Every Little Girl Needs


DSC02213When things are as they should be in a family, there is something magical between little girls and their daddies. The relational dynamic is loaded with purpose and power. From the moment that a father holds his little girl in his arms for the first time,  until the day he walks her down the aisle and releases her to “the man of her dreams”, father-daughter relationships have the potential to express the best of life and God’s heart.

How many times have we heard someone say that a little girl had her daddy wrapped around her little finger? Although young girls and all women can sometimes learn to manipulate that power, God  has great purpose in the undeniable heart connection which is so often a reality between a dad and his daughter. 
When a man becomes a father, the very best inside him is awakened, called forth as he steps into his new powerful role. A new dynamic is birthed as a man experiences walking  in the steps of his destiny as a model of God’s fathering heart. Certainly this happens whether that baby is a boy or girl but I am writing this from my perspective as a daughter.
On Sunday during worship service,  I pondered on something God had spoken to my heart almost ten years ago about the “fathers” in my life – my heavenly Father, my spiritual father, and my earthly father. 
As I thought on that experience, I thought of how God has consistently pursued my heart to show me what kind of a father he is. 
You see, we all relate to God as a father through the lens of our earthly father-child relationship. For better and at times, for worse, our natural father-child relationship shapes what we believe about God as a father. When our dad is kind, we tend to believe God is kind. When our dad is consistent, we believe in a consistent God. When our dad hurts us, we often struggle to believe that God is trustworthy.
Now I am not trying to lay a guilt trip on you guys. There are no perfect fathers, as there are no perfect mothers and mother-child relationships can be every bit, if not more, damaging to a child’s spiritual, mental, emotional health as father-child relationships. 
All of we parents must humbly admit that we powerfully impact our children. Lots of humility and willing apologies help us navigate the journey. Parenting teaches us more about ourselves than perhaps any other task. Many times I have winced as I watched one of my children and thought, “Ooo, that is just like me.” Other times I have smiled as I rejoiced in something positive in them that I knew came from the best of my heart.
As I thought of the word God had given me, I thought of the dear man I consider to be my spiritual father. I don’t get to see this man often, but every time that his life has touched mine, I have more clearly understood God as a father.  As I think of him, my heart is warmed. He’s not a perfect man, but he has purposefully spoken life over me many times. He is encouraging. He always lets me know that he is available if I ever need him. He believes in me. Once he told me that I was a perfect spiritual daughter. Well, I know I’m not perfect, but I’m pretty sure I was at least six feet tall at that moment! 
This man has spoken more than once to the plans and purposes of God in my life. He guides me as a spiritual father.
I also thought of others who have been spiritual mentors/spiritual fathers to me (and yes, I have spiritual mothers as well). I thought of how some had been able to provide pieces of my life puzzle and I thought of how some had failed me. Again, no guilt. God often uses one person to give us an important part and we can mistakedly believe they are to be the whole puzzle and end up disappointed and hurt. When that happens, it helps to be thankful for the good parts and release the rest to God. 
News bulletin: All men are human and are imperfect. 🙂  All are made of clay. No man can provide everything we need as daughters or wives or sisters or friends. Only God can be completely depended upon to always know what we need and never fail us. However, God does work through humanity, and He works through the daddy-daughter relationship. 
Of course, I thought of my earthly father. I never remember a time when Daddy was not happy to see me. His eyes would light up when I came in the door and I’d always get a hug. Many times, I saw him tear up when I would leave. I always felt loved by him. I can’t count the times I heard him laugh; he loved to have fun. And yes, he was an imperfect father, and I was an imperfect daughter. Again, I am thankful for the wonderful parts and release the rest to my perfect Father. 
All this pondering led me to come up with this list to describe the kind of daddy every little girl needs. Feel free to add your list in the comment section.
1. Every little girl needs a daddy who loves her unconditionally.
2. Every little girl needs a daddy who arms always provide a safe shelter.
3. Every little girl needs a daddy whose heart melts when she smiles at him.
4. Every little girl needs a daddy who is strong enough to protect her, yet gentle enough to cry when she hurts or when he has hurt her.
5. Every little girl needs a daddy who can rescue her for there will be times she needs rescued.
6. Every little girl needs a daddy who voices his love, praise, encouragment, and adoration to her verbally and demonstrates it tangibly.
7. Every little girl needs a daddy who believes the best about her and is quite sure she is the smartest, prettiest, and most amazing little girl in the world.
8. Every little girl needs a daddy who welcomes the sound of her voice.
9. Every little girl needs a daddy who is available.
10. Every little girl needs a daddy who provides what she needs to grow strong and independent.
11. Every little girl needs a daddy who is real and vulnerable and is willing to share intimate places of his heart with her.
Admittedly, that is a tall order for any man to endeavor to fill, but we daughters so long to believe that our father is an amazingly smart, strong, and valiant hero that our love covers many imperfections as long as a man is willing to give the best of his love to us as our “daddy”. 
Father-daughter relationships will never be perfect in this world, but I am so thankful that God is the perfect father. He is committed to revealing His heart of love to all of us.  He’s always awaiting to hear my lips call “Daddy God”. More than anything, I am safe in His arms and know He is forever the kind of daddy this little girl needs.


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  1. Cindy says:

    I don’t think I can “top” your list Mikki,thank you for sharing,love you:)

  2. Glenda says:

    Because I am blessed with a wonderful Godly father, I know it has always been easier for me to trust my Heavenly Father. My heart goes out to many girls/women who have to have much more faith to believe that God is good. Thanks for this great post, reminding the daddies out there . . . what they do matters. Go, dads.


  3. Lea says:

    Every little girl needs a daddy who is still a strong presence in her life long after he has gone to be with the Lord.

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