The Power of Awakened Desire


What do you think of when you think of the word “desire”? 

Desire carries the connotation of something strong. Whether it is desire for that last piece of chocolate cake or desire for a person or desire for a position, desire is not a benign idea. It is intrinsically powerful.
We have all experienced having desire awakened. Some of those desires are unhealthy, but there is also a very positive sense in which we can have desire awakened. In fact, Jesus was quite aware of the power of awakened desire.
Awakened desire can connect us to purpose. When Jesus called Simon Peter and Andrew to be his disciples, he awakened a desire within them. He began with something they understood, fishing, and moved on to awaken a desire within them to be a part of something life-changing, eternal in nature, and challenged them to become fishers of men.
Awakened desire can show us our needs. When Jesus taught, “Come to me, all who are burdened and tired and I’ll give you rest, his invitation corresponded with a true need in the hearts of the people and in our hearts today. Jesus awakened desire by the very nature of his ministry. He ministered healing and freedom, and hearts cried out from a place of desire to receive from him.
Awakened desire can show us the presence of Jesus. When he encountered two of his disciples after his resurrection, he walked and talked with them. Later they said, “Our hearts burned within us while he talked with us and opened the Scriptures to us!” He had awakened their desire by his very presence and dialogue with them.
As I look back on my own life, I can identify times when desire was awakened in my heart. And it seems to me, that when we find ourselves with a deep hunger, an inner desire, God is issuing an invitation to us. Whether those desires are godly or ungodly, healthy or unhealthy, God is willing to speak to us in and through the awakened desire. He longs to show us his heart for us and keep us from making wrong decisions which will hurt us and lead us into greater wholeness.
His voice always calls us to deeper places, deeper waters, uncharted territories. When we find ourselves struggling with an ungodly desire, Jesus calls to our innermost being and invites us to freedom. He invites us to discovery. He invites us to understanding. He offers us keys to find peace and purpose.
Often desperation awakens desire as God brings us to the end of our own plans and we find ourselves broken and empty.
Too often I have taken the wrong turn when I stood at the crossroads of life-giving desires and desires that lead to death. I am learning that when I find myself at those crossroads , I should make time for deep communion with God. I am finding that simply asking God to show me what is driving my desires can be a good place of beginning to make right choices. Am I seeking acceptance, affirmation, comfort? Am I being willing to shortcut God’s purposes in order to quiet the voice of desire in my heart?
Our eyes are often blinded to the true purpose of the awakened desire. We are so easily deceived. Somehow the enemy of our souls convinces us that an illegitimate way of fulfilling our desires is the best path and at the end of the path, we find ourselves emptier than ever, broken from the wrong choices we have made when all the while, Jesus was issuing an invitation to life through our desires.
Awakened desire has the power to unlock the purposes of God in our life stories. Awakened desire has the power to lead us to rest, to freedom, to purposeful living.
The experience of having desire awakened can birth a Eureka moment for us, a moment when we can finally put our hands on what has been intangible before, an epiphany of sorts.
So if you find yourself in the place of awakened desire, you are at a crossroads. The road can lead you into danger, or the road can lead you into delight.
Pause and reflect on the following:
  • How was this desire awakened?
  • Why was this desire awakened?
  • What does this desire say about my heart and its needs?
  • What could the purposes of God be for me as I face awakened desire?
  • What could the purposes of the enemy be as I face awakened desire?

I pray you will be able to see clearly what God desires to do through your awakened desires and the end result will be that you know more of your own heart and more of His.

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  1. Grace says:

    Excellent teaching. I myself do have my own unawakened desire and that is to grow up spiritually. Thank you Jesus!

  2. Johannes says:

    Thank you for the sermons im getting the realy help me encourage believers in their spiritual life and help them grow spiritually. And have even encouraged some to subscribe on your site for news letters. Thank you for the good work. BE BLESSED

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