The Power to Rise


1chocalatebiscuitToday as I my husband Eddie and I were putting away some groceries, he discovered that the can of flaky rolls with chocolate icing had exploded, popping the end off the can. Well, what could we do other than go ahead and bake them? Let’s just say that we temporarily forgot the diet we had just begun this morning.

Apparently I had left the groceries in the car a bit too long and the rolls got warm and began to rise in the can.  As they expanded, the container just couldn’t hold its contents any longer.

And since it is Easter weekend, it made me think of the resurrection of Christ!  After the third day, His grave couldn’t hold him any longer and he arose.

You know, I find it is that way with other things in our life. As Christians, we have an innate power that produces resurrection. Yes, it produces resurrection of our physical bodies someday, but in the here and now, this innate power, which is the Holy Spirit within us, is able to resurrect things in our lives that have been dead, numb, and powerless. 

The Holy Spirit is a somewhat like the yeast in my rolls. He is alive and active and is working to birth the power of resurrection in our lives.  When things get just right, the power is ignited and resurrection happens.

Marriages can resurrect. Friendships can resurrect. Our faith can resurrect. Our hearts can experience resurrection. Our churches can experience resurrection power. In fact, everything that has once lived is subject to the power of resurrection. Sometimes that is good and sometimes it is bad, but for today I want to focus on the power to rise which is good and godly.

I think of the walls of Jerusalem in Nehemiah’s day. They were in ruins. When Nehemiah heard about it, he grieved. He wept.  He fasted and prayed and he took action. Eventually the walls were rebuilt. Resurrected.

I think of how God renewed hope in the heart of Abraham and Sarah and gave them a child when their bodies were “as good as dead”. That’s resurrection.

I think of David who rose again after his son died to recommit himself to God and His purposes. That’s resurrection.

I think of Peter whose hope was resurrected after Jesus appeared to him.

And I could go on and on. I think of my own life as I have experienced the power of resurrection. Less than two years ago, my faith had seemed to experience death as I searched for answers in the midst of heartache. Now the wind of God has blown on the embers of my faith and resurrected it.

My ministry which appeared dead has resurrected.

My marriage has been resurrected.

My heart lives again for it has experienced the power to rise.

Yes, it is a weekend to celebrate. Newness of life all around us as flowers bloom and trees sprout and the green grass pushes it way out of the Alabama soil.

The promise of life eternal, yes, but the promise of fullness of life now, too.  

The power to rise is available for you as well, for whatever circumstance you find yourself in can provide the soil for resurrection.  Like Nehemiah, David, Peter, myself, and others, you may have to cry some tears first, but those tears can be water for the seeds of resurrection and when the conditions get just right, explosive, powerful encounters can happen, bringing new life to you.

The new life will testify of the power that brought it forth, and life births more life.

As we celebrate Christ’s resurrection, I pray you also will experience newness of life in ways you have not ever experienced before. May all the wounded places in your heart be healed. May all the dead places live. May all the numb places be awakened, and may you experience the power to rise!

It is even sweeter than the chocolate icing on my yeast rolls!



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  1. Song says:

    Great post, Mikki. Oh, and it seems to me you forgot about your diet when you bought the rolls! 😀

  2. Mikki says:

    Of course, I bought them for Nathan 🙂

  3. Marie says:

    Mikki, once my mouth stopped watering, ha, I was so encouraged to read this and will pass along to others who need encouragement. With God’s ‘self rising’ power, He makes all things new….or… “pop-n’-fresh”!

  4. Terri Wardlaw says:

    Hi Mikki!

    I so Amen this blog!! I am so feeling the same thing!! What a journey! I will email you something God spoke powerfully to me this past weekend along these lines!

    I love you!!

  5. helen says:

    Just what I needed to hear. No matter how dead things my seem, resurrection power can bring it back to life. Great blog. God bless you.

  6. Amy Garza says:

    Mikki, I love reading your messages, because I know they are from a heart that overflows with Gods’ love. That is how I receive, when I read them! God bless you.

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