The Sacred Gifts of 2011


Early MorningListening to the gentle rain falling outside, I sit quietly reflecting. It is early morning. Everyone else in my home is still asleep. With my Yorkie, Gabriel, curled up beside me in my chair, I sip my coffee and think about the New Year and the one that just ended.

New Year’s Day invites me to consider how well I’ve lived this past year. Did I meet some important goals? As I look back on my last year’s resolutions, I ask God if I’ve lived as well as I could in relation to those goals.

This day invites me to make new promises to myself and to reflect on what I hope the New Year will bring.

Prayerfully I release 2010, knowing that with its successes and its failures, it is gone. I thank my heavenly Father for the successes, the goals met, the progress made, and the victories won. I spend time grieving the failures, the goals unmet, the battles lost, and the ground lost.

In our humanity, we will have failures, incompleteness, bad days and even years we’d rather forget, yet God invites us to offer the completeness of our lives to him.

When we sit at Jesus’ feet in honesty with all our triumphs and all our failures, He receives us.

I think of how Jesus said that we must come to him as a little child. Most little children have not learned to live behind a façade. They are just who they really are.

I’ve found that Jesus does not despise the unfinished work in my life, neither does he deny it. When I offer the completeness of my heart to Jesus, he holds my heart tenderly, offering the compassion and understanding that I need to change.

So as I sit with him this morning and ask for direction for the New Year, I offer him “the good, the bad, and the ugly” for they are all part of me. I am thankful because I know that my Father has committed to me that He will continue His work in me until one day I stand before Him, complete and whole in Christ.

So as for me, my resolutions are…

To stay on the journey.

To humbly acknowledge the gift of each day.

To continue to learn how to love myself with my good, bad, and ugly.

To continue to learn how to love others with their good, bad, and ugly, too.

To live within the boundaries that God has purposed for me.

To daily step into God’s invitations.

To recognize the kindness of God and to extend that to others.

As you begin this year, could you spend some time with the Father, thanking Him for the ground gained in your life? For the blessings of 2010?

Will you offer Him your failures, your incompleteness, your very humanity?

Could you offer kindness and forgiveness to others? To your own heart?

May your journey in 2011 embrace the sacred gifts that God offers, to know Him, others, and your own heart more fully. Happy New Year.

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  1. Debbi Carlson says:

    Great article Mikki! Happy New Year to you & Eddie and all at GH.

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