The Threshold of Hope: The Pathway to the Promises of God



Have you ever found yourself facing an impossible situation when it appeared that your circumstances were too difficult to overcome? Ever felt like the children of Israel, who left Egypt with hope in their hearts about the land of promise, only to find themselves challenged by emotions of anxiety, fear, dread, and doubt? God had brought them to the banks of the river during flood season. It was impossible to cross and yet that was exactly what He was asking them to do. 

As God brings us from one place to another, He awakens hope in our hearts as we sense that something new and glorious is almost close enough to reach out and touch. Simultaneously we often experience fear of the unknown ahead of us.

God brings us, as it were, to a crisis of faith, a tipping point. The Promised Land is before and the land of bondage is behind us and there we are, stuck right in the middle, stretched between the past and the future. Much as the Israelites did, we often experience a reluctance to let go of the land of bondage because we are focused on our circumstances and not on our God. We cry, “If only we had died in the land of Egypt…Would it not be better to return to Egypt? Let us select a leader and return to Egypt?” (Numbers 14).

Standing on the threshold of hope is not enough to live in the promises of God. We must step into them. Our first step into the water unleashes the power of God that parts the water.

The life of faith calls us to focus on who our God is instead of what our circumstances are. Hebrews 11 records the stories of so many who walked in faith, those who refused to go back to the land behind them even though the land in front of them was full of unanswered questions.

These heroes of faith, as we often call them, were people just like you and I who had emotions, people who got tired, people who struggled, people who failed at times, but ultimately took the steps of faith that God had laid out before them.

Regarding the God of their faith to be more powerful than their circumstances, these heroes walked with God, inheriting the promises that God had for them.

We inherit every promise of God for the believer when we come into relationship with Christ.  All these promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Christ (2 Corinthians 1:20). Peter says that they are “great and precious promises,” (2 Peter 1:4). The Holy Spirit also tells us things to come (John 16:13-14) and births promise and destiny into our hearts.

These seeds of promise spring up in our hearts and we rejoice. Then we wake up to the flood waters of the Jordan River in front of us and our enemies pursuant.

Our circumstances often go from bad to worse. Every unwhole part of our heart kicks and screams, “Let’s return to Egypt!”

God, however, is unwavering in His plans and purposes. Impossibilities are nothing to God! And we never get permission to quit the journey because we have run into impossibility.

In fact, God allows and sometimes even orchestrates these impossibilities so the parts of our heart that are weak or wounded will be exposed. Facing those weak and wounded places can lead us to invite God’s Holy Spirit into those places to bring healing and wholeness.

God is just not bothered by impossibility. He calls us as His children to trust Him for the impossible. He wants to do the impossible. He chooses to work through humanity and longs to show just how strong He is as we step symbolically into the Jordan River.

We must not allow the impossibility of the promises of God to discourage us. Like Sarah, we must “consider Him faithful who made the promise.”

Remember that the promises are God’s idea!  He is a God of promise and those promises are sealed in the new covenant of the blood of Christ. It’s not about us, in the ways we are prone to believe. It’s about our God and His faithfulness. It’s about who He is and who we are in Him.

Are you standing before a flooding river of impossibilities? Do you believe God is leading you to step into that river?

Then you are on the threshold of hope. And “… hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us,” (Romans 5:5).

Open your heart to God. Focus on Him. Let faith arise and displace fear. Take the first step and then go and possess the promises of God! 

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  1. Sandra Harper says:

    Great article Mikki.

  2. There is always a deeper place we as God's children are invited to 

    go with Him as He reveals our inheritance to us…the Israelites had to fight giants 

    even in the promised land. There is always a fight when we receive the land He is giving 

    us. There is always a price to pay. I think of the saying either lead follow or get out of the way!

    We must ask ourselves which will it be? It is the leaders the forerunners who have the most 

    scars from being on the frontline as they co-labor with Christ removing all obstacles making 

    the pathway straight for His highway of holiness. A lot of tears but oh what JOY!!! What 

    victory in Christ!! You see the land you are acquiring is even a deeper LOVE for God a 

    deeper trust in Him. This love is meant to be poured out on others.  You will never be content 

    keeping it for yourself. It is just like blessing your children with gifts of money, land, etc. The 

    greatest gift you can leave them though is a witness of your deep love for Christ and for 

    them. Mikki thank you for being one of those leaders. I honor you. And may the favor of 

    God that rested on Nehemiah rest on you in the Mighty Name of Jesus!




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