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walking in water“Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the waters, wherever you would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior.”

Trust without borders.

As I listened to those words in the song*, God touched a place in my heart. I recognized the voice of the Spirit reminding me that there is a deeper place I can go in my relationship with Him.

I’ve experienced moments, hours, and days of living from a place of trust without borders. Times when my faith soared and doubt and fear were far removed from my awareness. Times when I, like Peter, said, “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come and I’m on my way.” Times when I stepped out onto waters that were deeper than I could control. Deeper than I could safely tiptoe around in. So deep that my failure was certain unless God responded by validating that it was indeed He who had spoken to me to come into the water.

And too often, I’ve stepped out only to walk a step or two and sink because of the tumultuous waters that surrounded me. Like Peter, I’ve looked around me and been overcome by fear.

And too often, I’ve stayed in the boat altogether, never even attempting to walk on the water.

But God is reminding me that there is a deeper place. A place where walking on the water is possible. A place where fear and doubt are distant voices. A place where trust is without limit, without borders.

There are no times when He is not calling us to trust more.  No places where He stops calling us into deeper waters. Yet, we can become complacent, disobedient, fearful, or disconnected and not respond to the call. We may refuse to turn aside at the burning bushes, decline the chance to walk on water, reason away God’s call to follow, but yet He is there. Calling. Waiting for us to say, “Lord, is it you?” Waiting to say, “It’s me. Come into the waters.”

Walking with God is a life of stepping out. Stretching. Trusting.

Naturally I’m not much of a risk taker. I hate roller coasters, narrow ledges, high speeds. I prefer to take calculated risks, the kind where I feel more in control. Yet as of late, I sense again His voice saying, “Come on. It’s Me. Step out.”

Staying in the boat means choosing the calculated risk of the boat staying afloat in a storm instead of the potential to walk on water with God and yet I know that by nature, I prefer the illusion of safety that the boat offers.

After Peter stepped out of the boat, he began walking on water. His heart must have soared from fear to exhilarating faith in those incredible moments of walking on the water but then he began to sink. He failed to keep his eyes on Jesus for the entire trip from the boat into Jesus’ arms. He began to check in with his reality. He was in a storm. The waters were buffeting. In the natural, he absolutely could not do what he was doing. As he checked in with the reality of the world around him, he disconnected from the truth in the eyes of Jesus and began to sink. But he did step out. He did walk on water. He did choose faith over fear and it was not the only time.

Over and over in Peter’s life, he stepped out and God fine-tuned him. Refined him. Changed him. Brought him to the place where his natural instincts were increasingly under the control of the Spirit of God.

Peter’s life was marked by a deep devotion to Jesus. They were intimate friends. Yet Peter’s faith sometimes bowed to fear but more often than not, he lived a life of trust without borders.

What about you? How much do you trust God? Are there limitations on your faith?

Do you hear Him calling you to step out?

Are you filled with doubts and fears?

Ask what Peter did, “Lord, is this you?” If the answer is yes, step onto the waters. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Live a life of miraculous moments with God and be all you were created to be.

We all were created for more than living life in the boat. There is a world around us awaiting a people who will step out.

Will you be one of them? Will you live a life of trust without borders?

*(Oceans, Hillsong United)

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