We Were Made for New


imagesThe smell inside a new car

The dawn of a new day

A new house

A new baby

The adventure of traveling down a road you’ve never been on before

A gift to be opened

A new recipe

What is it about new things that we love? By the way, I love my new website!

Is it always wrong to long for something new or is there something within us made for newness?

I remember when I got a new van several years ago. I loved it! I was so excited about how nice it was and all the bells and whistles it had and just the fact that it was clean and new. Even though I loved it when it was new, I was so glad to see it go a couple of months ago when I got a new car. My soccer mom days were officially over. It was the beginning of a new era!

During a worship service a few weeks ago, I found myself pondering the words of the song we were singing. “He makes all things new.” I thought about how new things can bring us hope.

And I thought of how the Word tells us that if we are in Christ, we ourselves become new creations. A new creation. The impact of those words still stops me in my tracks. Knowing how God created Adam and Eve, how He was intimately involved with His hands, His eyes, His words, His breath, causes me to wonder about the depths of what it means for God to make us new creations

As of late I am trying to think of things through lens which don’t give a predisposed idea. I am trying to keep my mind and emotions from jumping to the set religious answers that I have been taught. Not that all those answers are wrong. It’s not that at all. Well, it is not completely that. It just seems to me that when I – or when you- can lay down our pre-set lens of view – we can see more. We can understand more deeply.

So in thinking of what happens when God makes us new, I allowed myself to imagine what that looks like. I see His hands, His eyes, His words, His breath involved in the creation of a new spirit within a man or woman or child. I see Him equipping us to live forever. I see our spirits becoming animated, alive, with purpose and hope.

Our spirits come alive to God. The rest of the work takes some time. The process of sanctification by which we become Christ-like is a life long process. When we become weary because the process seems to be taking too long, the words of Christ in Rev. 21:5 should give us hope, "I am making everything new!"

Newness in Christ is always tied to purpose. It is tied to eternity. It is tied to hope. And it is tied to the here and now.

So enjoy your new day. Ask God for new eyes to see, new ears to hear, new mindsets to understand Him, others, and yourself more. Ask for newness of purpose and hope. Invite the work of His Spirit in to continue the work of newness inside you. Live each day abundantly while dealing with the things that come to kill, steal, and destroy. And allow God to touch you, breathe on you, mold you, and shape you into newness. You and I were created for it.


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