Weight Loss and Christianity


Weight Loss and Christianity

My children love to tease me about my endless knowledge that I am forever offering to them with the precursor, “I just read about that in an article.” Oh, that is all it takes to get them going. “We know, Mom, you read another article.” (moan, groan, laugh, snicker) I can’t help it; I love to read articles! And I am almost always reading something. It has been my lifelong pastime. So today, I was reading an article (go ahead and smile), and I was amazed at how much these weight loss principles parallel the Christian life. Now, you’re really smiling, aren’t you? Just check it out!

Here’s Debbie Rocker on Yahoo! Health on “Burn the Fat, Keep it Off” with my added comments are in italics.

1. Take a good hard look at your past attempts and assess what is realistic and what is just too unlikely for you to sustain? How many times have our past attempts to live victoriously failed? Do we need to assess them and find out what Jesus is really asking us to do and what is just religion?

2. Don’t be hard on yourself about the past, it’s done, it’s gone, it’s over, but useful for informing the future. You can apply this one!

3. Accept the fact that work is involved. You are going to have to change your ways, give up some things, adjust, adapt, and accept that a new way of eating and a new level of activity will take a concerted and focused and deliberate effort. Yes, work is involved in the Christian walk. But work that ultimately relies on His work – that part is tricky for us when we subtly get our worth from our work.

4. Be your own champion. Give yourself realistic goals and build yourself a support system, but remember that you and only you can make this happen; you must champion the change. What about that “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” What? Love yourself? Is that Christian? Support system? What does that look like in Christianity?

5. Don’t let a lapse, or setback, in your new plan become a relapse or ending to something that you have started. There will be mistakes, missed workouts and unplanned meal experiences but that is all part of the program when you are doing something for the long haul. Being able to stick with it means allowing for lapses. If you’ve been around me for long, you’ve heard me quote this one: “Even though a righteous man or woman fall seven times, they shall rise again!” somewhere in Proverbs. That one brings me so much comfort.

6. No more “if – thens.” If I lose weight, then I will buy a new outfit/look for a new job/start dating – no. Your life is in session now; so don’t act as if it will begin when you lose the weight. Getting yourself to engage and take action in all areas of your life will help you champion your own fitness/weight loss program to success. No more “ifs – thens.” If I read my Bible, then I will start trying to witness to my neighbor because I’ll be more qualified.” (Nothing qualifies you more than your testimony!) “If I have had a good day on the Christian Do Good Chart, then I will share in my Grace Group.” If, then…

I know you can do this if you start off with a realistic idea of what your plan should and shouldn’t look like (#1). If you are kind to yourself (#2) you’ll be more likely to keep going when the going gets tough (and when your plan doesn’t look exactly like you thought it would). Does His plan ever look exactly like we thought it would?? Never!

Your desire to change must be matched by an effortful willingness to change (#3), and you’d do well to invite other caring individuals into your plan (#4) while you remember that your opinion (and decision) is really the one that matters. Progress moves forward and back (#5) and now is the time (#6) to make your commitment to not just lose weight but live healthfully from here on out. Your desire to change must be matched by an effortful willingness to change and you’d do well to invite other caring individuals into your plan while you remember that Christ’s opinion and work is what really matters. Progress does move forward toward the mark and backwards to bring deep healing and now is the time to make your commitment to live fully alive from here on! Now you can thank me for your weight loss and your spiritual encouragement! Keep laughing out loud! A merry heart does good like a medicine! (somewhere in Proverbs!)

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