Welcoming 2009



I sit here at the beginning of a new year, coffee in hand, heart full of emotion, meditating on the new year and the old year. Time is a dimension I can’t control.  Marked by days and weeks and months and years and decades and centuries. Marked by seasons. Telling a story.  On wide-screen the world marches by. And there in midst of a world full of human stories is each one of us and our story.
As I reflect on 2008 and look forward to 2009, I bring with me the fullness of my story. Lessons learned.  Moments of glory. Moments of failure. Moments of pleasure.  Moments of pain.  Seasons of beauty and seasons of struggle and grief. 
I usually don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because I am not very good at keeping them, and I don’t like to fail.  When I do make resolutions, they are so typically normal.
    1.  Lose weight
    2.  Exercise more
    3.  Budget my time and money better
And on they go…
But this year I am making a new kind of resolutions. Not in a particular order.  I am giving myself permission to resolve to resolve imperfectly. Here they are:
1. Make time to enjoy life
2. Focus on what makes my heart come alive
3. Spend more time with people and less time on tasks
4. Play more
5. Care more
6. Be kinder to myself for I am human
7. Be kinder to others for they are human too
8. Breathe deeply
9. Smell my coffee
10. Eat slowly
11. Care for my body because it has to last for a long time
12. Enjoy the treasure of my family, my friends, and my spiritual community
13. Listen to more music
In 2009, I hope my story will become less of conquering lists of jobs and goals and more about living each moment with an awareness of the work of God in humanity –beginning with mine.



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  1. song says:

    This list makes me extremely happy because you are resolving to take care of you. You want to play more?!!! Yeah!!!! I love you and pray this year will be one of extreme relaxation and life loving.

  2. kathy says:

    I am joining you with a new resolve to live differently in 2009. Isn’t it wonderful that out of 2008 we have left behind common and ordinary goals and for 2009 we are going for the gold! That which is really valuable is rare and worth far more. I am making your resolutions my own. Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart and taking the time to hear mine.

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